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Best Shopify themes for cosmetics

In the fast-changing world of cosmetics and beauty, having a great online store is just as important as the quality of the products you sell. Among many choices, three Shopify themes—Superstore, Empire, and Flex—stand out as the best picks for beauty brands. Each one offers special features that make shopping online better.


The Superstore Shopify theme is an exceptional choice for cosmetic brands, thanks in large part to its innovative and brand-focused features.

Color swatches

One of the standout offerings is the customizable color swatches, allowing brands to accurately represent the myriad of shades and finishes found in cosmetics.

This feature not only enhances the shopping experience by providing a clear and accurate visual representation of products but also aligns perfectly with the aesthetic-driven nature of the cosmetic industry. Customers can easily navigate through different product options, making it simpler to find their perfect match.

Promotional power

Further elevating its appeal, the theme boasts promotional blocks that can be integrated into mega menus, the home page, and other areas of the online store.

These blocks are instrumental for cosmetic brands aiming to highlight new arrivals, best sellers, or special offers, thereby engaging customers right from the moment they enter the site.

Crystal-clear categories

Coupled with collection-focused sections, the Superstore theme excels in organization and presentation.

Brands can curate their offerings into clear, thematic collections, facilitating an effortless browsing experience that guides customers through their product lines with ease.

Detailed collection and product pages

Superstore’s robust collection pages and clear product cards play a crucial role in showcasing cosmetics. Detailed descriptions, high-quality images, and essential product information are presented in an easily digestible format, allowing customers to make informed decisions.

This clarity and detail ensure that customers have a positive shopping experience, reinforcing brand loyalty and encouraging repeat visits.

Overall, the Superstore Shopify theme by Out of the Sandbox is ideally suited for cosmetic brands looking to elevate their online presence with a feature-rich, visually appealing, and highly functional ecommerce platform.

Try Superstore in your Shopify store

Try Superstore

Brand example: Dermalogica Skin Care

Dermalogica Skin Care uses Superstore for their cosmetic brand. Check out their storefront here.


The Empire Shopify theme is exceptionally well-suited for cosmetic brands, thanks to its thoughtful incorporation of features that enhance customer experience and drive sales.


Other themes can’t compare

A standout feature is the product comparison tool, which is indispensable for customers navigating the nuanced differences between cosmetic products. This tool allows customers to easily compare features, shades, and prices side by side, simplifying the decision-making process in a market where minute variations can be crucial.

This level of detail and convenience in product selection significantly enhances the customer experience, encouraging more informed and satisfying purchases.

Fulfilling favorites

Empire enhances customer loyalty and repeat purchases with its streamlined reordering process.

Add-to-cart buttons are prominently displayed on the customer's order pages, making it incredibly easy for customers to repurchase their favorite products. This feature is particularly beneficial for cosmetic brands, where customers frequently return to purchase their staple beauty products.

Shop the look

Empire's shoppable image sections are perfect for product cross-selling by leveraging visual appeal and introducing customers to complementary products—effectively increasing basket size and encouraging exploration of the brand's range.

Brands, beliefs, blends

Logo lists amplify big brand visibility, allowing cosmetic brands to showcase partnerships, certifications, or featured brands, thus boosting credibility and trust. Additionally, ingredients and quality are top-of-mind details for cosmetic customers, which Empire showcases with sections like highlights banners.

These integrated features make the Empire theme by Pixel Union a powerful template for cosmetic brands aiming to provide a superior shopping experience while maximizing their online presence and sales.

Try Empire in your Shopify store for free

Try Empire

Brand example: Glo Skin Beauty

Glo Skin Beauty uses Empire for their brand in Norway and Sweden. Check out their storefront here.


The Flex Shopify theme by Out of the Sandbox is an exemplary choice for cosmetic brands looking to stand out in the highly competitive beauty industry.

Contoured customization

Its extensive customization options are a game-changer, allowing brands to tailor their online presence to match their unique aesthetic and branding needs. From custom fonts and color palettes to layout adjustments, Flex empowers brands to create a visually cohesive and immersive online experience that resonates with their target audience.

This level of personalization not only enhances brand identity but also significantly improves the customer journey, making it a perfect fit for the visually-driven cosmetic sector.

Compact configurations

Flex boasts a responsive design, ensuring that the online store delivers a seamless experience across all devices. This is crucial in today's mobile-first world, where consumers increasingly shop on smartphones and tablets.

Star quality

The theme's focus on social proof and testimonials further aligns with the buying behavior of cosmetic shoppers, who often rely on reviews and before-and-after photos to make purchasing decisions.

By prominently displaying customer testimonials and social proof, Flex builds trust and credibility, encouraging conversions.

Detailed descriptions

The theme's attention to product and collection page details — from high-resolution image galleries to detailed product descriptions and customizable product filters — allows brands to showcase their products in the best light, providing all the information customers need to make informed purchases.

Together, these features make the Flex theme by Out of the Sandbox an ideal template for cosmetic brands aiming to captivate and convert their online audience.

Try Flex in your Shopify store

Try Flex

Brand example: Ativo Skincare

Ativo Skincare uses Flex for their brand. Check out their storefront here.

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