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Best Shopify themes for clothing

Elevate your online fashion store with our select Shopify themes, designed for the dynamic world of clothing retail. The Tailor, Retina, Flex, and Turbo Shopify themes enhance the shopping experience, offering upsell and cross-sell features, accurate fitting guides, vivid color swatches, and detailed high-quality images with zoom functionality.

Additionally, social media integrations help bridge the gap between followers and customers. Transform your apparel store into an engaging, visually rich shopping haven with these premium Shopify themes.


With its innovative Shop the look sections, Tailor empowers brands to cross-sell effortlessly by showcasing complementary products, encouraging customers to explore and purchase entire outfits.


Tailor further enhances the shopping experience by featuring recommended products in both the mini cart and the cart page, subtly guiding customers towards more informed purchasing decisions.


Additionally, product upsell blocks on the product page are strategically designed to capture customer interest by highlighting related items or accessories that complement their current selections.


Tailor also prioritizes clarity and detail with the integration of product labels and badges, making it easier for shoppers to identify key product features at a glance.

Fitting guides

The Tailor theme includes fitting guide blocks complete with a set of icons, providing essential sizing information in an easily digestible format. This combination of features makes the Tailor theme an unparalleled choice for clothing brands looking to offer a seamless, engaging, and informative shopping experience.

Try Tailor in your Shopify store for free

Try Tailor

Brand example: Lewkin

Lewkin uses the Tailor theme for their clothing brand. Check out their website here.


Retina stands out with its high-resolution image display capabilities, ensuring that every product detail is showcased in exquisite clarity, allowing customers to fully appreciate the quality and style of the clothing.

Boutique-style design

Retina's modern boutique-style design lends an air of sophistication and exclusivity, making it ideal for brands that aim to project a chic and fashionable image. Its simple, straightforward setup process means that brands can quickly launch or refresh their online presence without the need for extensive technical know-how.

Drive urgency

Additionally, Retina is equipped with a suite of dynamic features such as countdown timers and promo popups, enabling brands to effectively highlight sales and special offers, creating urgency and encouraging prompt customer action.

These features, combined with its elegant design and user-friendly interface, make the Retina Shopify theme a superior choice for clothing brands looking to elevate their online shopping experience and engage their customers more effectively.

Try Retina in your Shopify store for free

Try Retina

Brand example: Odd Future

Odd Future uses the Retina theme for their clothing brand. Check out their website here.


Designed with scalability in mind, Flex effortlessly accommodates large inventories, ensuring that even the most comprehensive collections are easily navigable and beautifully presented.

Collections and promotions

The theme boasts collection-focused sections and promotional blocks, allowing brands to effectively spotlight key product lines and seasonal promotions, engaging customers with curated selections that drive sales.

Product discovery

This theme enhances the online shopping experience with filter support, allowing customers to dynamically explore different clothing colors, price ranges, and more on the collection page and search results.

Desktop and mobile customization

With extensive customization options for mobile and desktop, Flex can fit your brand’s style while optimizing performance across all devices.

Flex stands out as the ideal Shopify theme for clothing brands looking to manage large inventories with ease while providing a sophisticated, brand-aligned shopping experience.

Try Flex in your Shopify store

Try Flex

Brand example: Bench.

Bench. uses the Flex theme for their clothing brand. Check out their website here.


Turbo’s innovative shoppable images revolutionizes the cross-selling experience by allowing customers to click on images and directly add products to their cart, seamlessly linking lifestyle images to purchasing decisions.


Turbo's core strength lies in its powerful performance across all devices, ensuring that the visually rich and interactive shopping experience it offers is consistently fast and fluid, regardless of the customer's device.

Boost AOV

Turbo further enriches the customer journey by incorporating recommended products directly on the product page, which helps in guiding customers towards complementary items and boosting the average order value.


Additionally, Turbo supports swatches for clothing colors and patterns, providing a more intuitive and satisfying shopping experience by allowing customers to easily visualize and select their preferred options.

This combination of features makes Turbo an ideal Shopify theme for clothing brands aiming to provide a dynamic, engaging, and high-performing online shopping environment.

Try Turbo in your Shopify store

Try Turbo

Brand example: Roto Wear

Roto Wear uses the Turbo theme for their clothing brand. Check out their website here.

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