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Terms and Conditions

1. Single Shop License

Themes are licensed to use for a single store only. You are free to transfer a Theme to a second one of your own stores if you close your first store. You are not permitted to transfer or sell a Theme to any other person’s store on Shopify or elsewhere. You may modify the Theme to suit your store. Shopify may add or modify the footer that refers to Shopify at its discretion. The intellectual property rights of the Theme remain the property of Out of the Sandbox Inc.

2. Theme Updates

Our themes are designed to provide an optimized experience on a wide range of devices. While we do our best to ensure that our themes are completely bug free on every device, we will inevitably overlook bugs on occasion. We encourage you to report any issues in our Support Center. We will address as many issues as possible and release updates to our themes as we see fit. If you purchase a theme, you will be eligible for future updates to that theme at no additional charge.

3. Technical Support

Our Support Center is an excellent resource for common theme questions and customization tips.

In order to help us devote as much time as possible to building themes, we ask that you limit your questions to issues related directly to our themes. If you are having any issues with Shopify administration or your shop in general, please contact Shopify Support. If you need help developing a new theme feature or implementing a custom design, we recommend using the Shopify Experts Directory. The details of our theme support are outlined in our Support Policy, which is incorporated herein.

When creating a staff account for Out of the Sandbox support staff, we are not liable for any changes, customizations, or alterations to your shop that may result in lost profits or any special, incidental or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with our products or services.

You also expressly understand and agree that customizations made by Out of the Sandbox support may not have been fully tested and may require additional development time that is outside the scope of complimentary support.

When utilizing our theme tweak service, we reserve the right to limit additional support on a tweak made by our team, even if the issue is the result of our error, once the change has been reviewed and approved by you. While our team does test tweaks, we strongly recommend that you carefully review and test the tweak to ensure it works on various devices and scenarios as well. In some cases, you may be required to purchase an additional tweak or work with a third party developer to resolve further issues with a purchased tweak. Tweaks are considered to be automatically approved and finalized after five calendar days, even if you do not expressly approve them, and any changes or updates after this period may result in additional fees or referral to third party developer.

4. Refund and Discount Policy

Since our themes are non-tangible irrevocable digital goods, all purchases are final and not refundable unless otherwise stated. 

All discount codes must be used at time of purchase. No adjustments can be made after purchases are completed. Out of the Sandbox-issued discount codes valid only on outofthesandbox.com and not on the Shopify Theme Store (themes.shopify.com). 

Discount codes are non-transferrable, may be quantity controlled and subject to eligibility requirements. Limit one discount per order. Out of the Sandbox reserves the right to discontinue or modify any discount at any time without notice. 

For Turbo, you may request a refund within 14 calendar days of purchase for a full refund of the original purchase price. Customization support provided by Out of the Sandbox may void refund eligibility. Upon issuance of refund, the theme license will be voided and all copies of the theme must be deleted from Shopify stores, whether published or not.

5. Warranty and Limitation of Liability

Our themes and apps are sold and provided "as is." We don't guarantee that they will function exactly as you wish or be compatible with third party plugins or apps from the Shopify App Store.

Neither Out of the Sandbox, nor any of our affiliates, independent contractors or employees will be liable or have responsibility, of any kind, for any loss or damage, of any kind, that you incur because of an interruption or failure of your website or use or misuse of our products. We will not be liable or have responsibility for any third-party attacks, viruses, or malicious software that may affect your website or your computer.

We cannot guarantee that our Shopify theme updater app will upgrade your store completely or that it will be error free.

6. Browser and Device Compatibility

Although we do not guarantee compatibility on any device or browser, we strive to build our themes to be compatible with the most common modern browsers including the latest versions of Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11. We also test our themes on various mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. Any device or browser specific problems should be reported in our Support Center.

7. Changes

We reserve the right to make changes to our terms and conditions or our prices without notice. Our most current terms and conditions can be found at http://outofthesandbox.com/pages/terms

Revision Date: June 22nd, 2015

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The Parallax theme ticks all the boxes. Great features, easy to customise, fantastic theme support. Love it!

Mista Matcha, Parallax Theme

Not only do I like working with this theme but the team behind Out of the Sandbox is incredible. They are always there for implementation support or any questions I have about using the theme.

Melanie Audrey, Parallax Theme

Customer support is excellent and I wish they were customer support for daily life - they're actually helpful and don't make you feel silly for asking a question, and quick to respond! We're extremely happy with Responsive and Out of the Sandbox.

Pacific Northfresh, Responsive Theme

The support is unbelievably helpful. They responded to my email quickly and were able to help me accomplish everything I was looking to do with the template. I couldn't be happier with it - it was definitely a great investment.

Manhattan Project, Responsive Theme
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