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Best Shopify themes for artists

Choosing the right Shopify theme is crucial for selling art. ParallaxEditions, Flex, and Grid cover the top priorities for artists, such as elegant presentation, intuitive navigation, and advanced visual features. Each of these themes bring something unique to the table, from the minimalist and editorial design of Editions to the dynamic and immersive experience of Parallax, the extensive customization options of Flex, and the creative layout possibilities of Grid.


Parallax has an array of features designed to enhance visual engagement and simplify the shopping experience. One of its hallmark features, the parallax effect, allows for the creation of a dynamic, immersive experience as users scroll through the site. This effect gives depth to the webpage, making large images of artwork come alive as different layers move at different speeds, effectively capturing the viewer's attention and mimicking the feeling of moving around in a physical gallery space.


It's an innovative way to showcase art, giving each piece the presentation it deserves and making the virtual browsing experience unforgettable.

Clutter-free variant selection

Parallax enhances customer interaction with the artwork through its use of radio button options for variants. This feature is particularly useful for art merchants who offer variations of their work, such as different sizes or frame styles. It provides a streamlined way for customers to navigate through these options without the clutter of dropdown menus, making the selection process more intuitive and visually appealing.


This level of simplicity in choosing variants can significantly improve the user experience, making it easier for art lovers to customize their potential purchase according to their preferences.

High-quality display

High-resolution image display and image zoom capabilities are other critical features of the Parallax theme that cater exceptionally well to art sellers. The importance of these features cannot be overstated, as they allow potential buyers to see the minutest details of artworks, akin to examining them up close in a gallery.


The ability to zoom in and appreciate the texture, brushwork, and colors in high definition can make a significant difference in the online art buying experience. It provides a level of detail that can help bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds, offering a closer look that art enthusiasts would seek before making a purchase decision.

Studio and gallery tour

Lastly, the inclusion of a map section within the Parallax theme is a thoughtful addition for artists and galleries. This feature enables sellers to easily integrate maps into their website, guiding customers to their studio or gallery for in-person visits. It's an invaluable tool for strengthening the connection between artists and their audience, encouraging local engagement, and promoting events or exhibitions.

By encouraging this connection, the theme supports not just the online selling process but also helps in building a community around the artwork, enhancing the overall impact of the art merchant's online presence.

Together, these features make the Parallax Shopify theme from Out of the Sandbox Themes an ideal solution for merchants looking to sell artwork online. Its focus on visual presentation, ease of customization, detailed art examination, and community engagement provides a comprehensive platform that can significantly enhance the way art is sold and appreciated in the digital space.

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Artist example: Sophie Melville

Sophie Melville uses Parallax to showcase and sell their work. Check out their storefront here.


Editions boasts a minimalist and elegant design that effectively highlights the art being sold. This simplicity ensures that visitors to the website are immediately drawn to the artworks, thanks to a clutter-free layout that mirrors the tranquil ambiance of an art gallery.


Just like in a well-organized gallery, where each artwork is given space to be admired without competition, this theme uses clean lines and ample white space to enhance the visual appeal of each piece. It's a digital canvas that brings the best out of every artwork, ensuring that potential buyers experience the full impact of each piece.


The Editions theme is enriched with lookbook page templates, which are especially beneficial for curating and showcasing art collections with a narrative. These templates offer artists and galleries the opportunity to assemble their works in thematic or stylistic groupings, providing a more immersive and engaging viewing experience for the audience.


It's akin to guiding visitors through a curated exhibition from the comfort of their own homes, allowing them to understand the connections between pieces and the overarching themes of the collection.

Frequently-asked questions

Editions FAQ sections preempt the questions that potential buyers might have, from how to care for their art purchases to learning more about the artists' techniques and inspirations. This feature adds a layer of convenience and transparency, enabling customers to find answers at their fingertips, which in turn, can boost confidence in their purchasing decisions.

Visit the studio or browse the gallery

Another standout feature is the map section, which is a boon for artists and galleries wishing to bridge the online and physical worlds.


By providing the locations of studios or galleries, it invites art enthusiasts to a real-world viewing experience, deepening the connection between the artist and their audience. This not only promotes greater engagement but also supports the local art scene by driving foot traffic to these creative spaces.

All in all, the Editions Shopify theme serves as a comprehensive digital solution for art sellers. Its clean and focused design ensures art takes center stage, while its additional features like lookbook templates, FAQ sections, and a map tool, enhance the overall buying experience, making it not just about transactions, but about fostering a deeper appreciation and understanding of art. For artists and galleries looking to expand their reach and connect more meaningfully with their audience, the Editions theme offers a blend of aesthetic appeal and functional excellence.

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Artist example: Raccoon Society

Raccoon Society uses Editions to showcase and sell their designs. Check out their storefront here.


Flex includes a comprehensive set of features designed to enhance both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of an online store.

Intuitive and innovative navigation

Among its standout features, the theme offers extensive navigation and promotion options, enabling merchants to create a highly customizable and intuitive shopping experience. This flexibility is crucial for art sellers, as it allows them to guide potential buyers through their collections with ease, highlighting specific artists, styles, or exhibitions without overwhelming visitors.


The ability to create promotional pop-ups, banners, and advanced menu options ensures that special pieces or limited-time offers are immediately visible, effectively capturing the attention of art enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Frequently asked questions

Adding to its appeal, the Flex theme incorporates FAQ sections that can be seamlessly integrated into the website. This is particularly beneficial for art merchants, as it provides a dedicated space to address common queries regarding artwork authenticity, care instructions, shipping policies, and more.


By offering clear, accessible information, these sections can help build trust and confidence among potential buyers, fostering a transparent and reassuring shopping environment. It's an elegant solution for communicating essential details, allowing customers to feel more informed and secure in their purchases.

Image scrolling

Another feature that makes the Flex theme ideal for art sellers is its image scrolling product page templates. These templates are designed to showcase artwork in a visually compelling and immersive manner, allowing visitors to scroll through high-quality images that capture the beauty and detail of each piece.


This continuous scroll mimics the experience of walking through a gallery, where each artwork is given the space and attention it deserves. Such an immersive browsing experience can be particularly effective for art stores, as it allows the depth, texture, and color of each piece to be fully appreciated, encouraging engagement and ultimately, purchase decisions.

Animated loading

Furthermore, the Flex theme offers a variety of loading animation options, adding a unique and customizable touch to the website. These animations can be tailored to fit the branding and style of the art merchant, creating a memorable first impression as the site loads.


Beyond mere aesthetics, these animations can enhance the user experience by providing visual feedback during page transitions, which helps in retaining the visitor's attention and interest. This thoughtful inclusion adds an extra layer of sophistication and engagement to the online store, further setting apart art merchants who choose the Flex theme for their Shopify storefront.

Overall, the Flex Shopify theme from Out of the Sandbox Themes provides a robust platform for art sellers, combining extensive customization options with features specifically beneficial for showcasing and selling artwork online. Its focus on navigation, information accessibility, immersive visual presentation, and engaging loading animations makes it an ideal choice for merchants looking to create a compelling online gallery that captivates and converts.

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Artist example: Calamityware

Calamityware uses Flex to showcase and sell their designs. Check out their storefront here.


Grid is a fantastic choice for anyone selling art online. It has accessible features that make it easy to show off art in the best way possible.

Unique blog presentation

With special templates for blogs, art sellers can write interesting blog posts about their artwork, the artists, or events. It's a great way to tell more about the story behind each piece of art and connect with people who visit the site.


Sharing stories about the art can make people more interested in buying it because they feel a connection to the artwork and the artist.

Mosaics of images

Another great thing about the Grid theme is how it lets you arrange pictures in creative ways, thanks to something called the Masonry section. This is a special way to put images on your website so that each piece of art gets its own space, no matter how big or small it is.


It's like fitting together pieces of a puzzle, making sure that every artwork stands out. This is perfect for art because every piece is unique and deserves to be shown in the best way.

Unforgettable product pages

The theme also uses a masonry layout for the images on product pages. This means when someone is looking at art to buy, they can see different pieces laid out in a way that's easy to look at and attractive.

It's not just a boring list of images. Instead, each piece is given importance on the page, making it easier for buyers to see the beauty and details of the art. This kind of layout can make the online shopping experience much more enjoyable and can help art stand out.

Take a closer look

Grid has an image zoom feature that's really useful for selling art. When people are looking at art online, they can't get up close like they could in a real gallery. But with image zoom, they can see all the little details of a piece, just like they would if they were looking at it in person.


This can help people feel more sure about buying art online because they can really see what they're getting. It's a great way to help buyers feel close to the art, even if they're looking at it on a screen.

Overall, the Grid theme from Pixel Union has some awesome features that make it a great choice for selling art online. From telling stories through blogs to showing off art in unique and eye-catching ways, this theme helps art sellers create a beautiful and engaging online store.

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Artist example: Gillian Gandossi

Gillian Gandossi uses Grid to showcase and sell their artwork. Check out their storefront here.

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