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Shifting into next gear: Turbo 2.1 fueled by new features, sections

Shifting into next gear: Turbo 2.1 fueled by new features, sections

After blasting through the Shopify theme world not once, but twice with Turbo, the Out of the Sandbox Shopify theme team is shifting the ultimate Shopify theme into the next gear — again.

Version 2.1 of Turbo, available now, turns up the volume on Turbo’s already rich feature set, adding some great new advanced features and sections, including more flexibility for product filtering, more page layout options, advanced mega menus, built in support for recently viewed products and more, as well as several new homepage sections.

The newest version of Turbo also represents a big shift forward with the theme’s dedication to speed and performance.

By further optimizing our code libraries, Turbo 2.1 has the capability to shift your store into an even higher gear, along with adding a host of upgrades.

Multi-tag filters

This new feature
adds the ability to group your tags in your sidebar and let customers filter collections according to their needs.

This lets customers filter products by any type of tag you’d like, such as:

  • Product color: Additionally, you can opt to display a SWATCH next to the color name.
  • Size, length or other measurements: Let customers filter products by names such as “small” or “large” or any other type of measurement criteria appropriate for your store.
  • Create your own: You can create multiple tag filter sections in your sidebar to group tags in any way you’d like — whether it’s by price range, storage capacity, ingredient, material, manufacturer or almost any other category you can think of.

One important thing to note is that this feature does not, at this time, support letting customers apply multiple filters at once within the same tag type, though you can apply multiple filters at one time across multiple tag types.

Detailed page layout option

Shopify theme page layout

A new page template, page.details.liquid, brings the ability to use the drag and drop section layout feature of the homepage to one of your inside pages.

This is a great way to bring more exciting layouts to one of your most viewed pages, such as the “about us” page. You’ll be able to use all of the sections available to you on the homepage to create a stunning inside page.

It’s also possible, with a bit of code tweaking, to use this feature to build more than one page this way.

Advanced mega menus

Shopify theme mega menu

Turbo now comes with the ability to create up to five advanced mega menu layouts. Each of these mega menus, in turn, can have up to five columns of content.

Then, within each column, you will now have the ability to include:

  • An optional block of text at the top and/or bottom of the column
  • An optional image of your choice with optional link and caption at the top and/or bottom of the column
  • Up to four separate menus of your choice

Recently viewed products

This new section can be used on the homepage and product page, and the sidebar of collection product and search results pages.

You can further customize this section by:

  • Customizing the heading text used.
  • Choose grid or slider: Recently viewed products can be placed on your homepage or at the bottom of your product page with the ability to select between a grid or slider layout.
  • Show in sidebar: Recently viewed items can also be enabled in the sidebar, independently of the recently viewed section.
  • Choose amount shown: Select the number of products to be shown, up to four in the sidebar and up to five in the section.
  • If the visitor has not viewed any products yet, the whole section is automatically hidden.

New sections: Search, contact and map

Shopify theme search section

The Turbo 2.1 Shopify theme also introduces a new section for use on the homepage — a search section.

  • This section lets you place a large, eye-catching search box anywhere in your homepage content area.
  • Define an optional heading, subheading and placeholder text
  • Control the alignment of text
  • Define an optional background image behind the section

Shopify contact form section

Turbo 2.1 also allows you to include a contact form or embedded Google map section on your homepage.

  • Contact form: include a heading and text, and set the position of the form
  • Map: control the height, width (standard or full) and zoom level

Price savings

Shopify theme price difference

This new feature adds the ability to showcase both the percentage and currency unit savings for products that are on sale. The theme will automatically calculate the percentage (rounded to the nearest percent) and also show the difference in the currency unit your store is using.

Other updates

In addition to the new features outlined above, Turbo 2.1 includes bug fixes, as well as:

  • New color settings for featured promotions and quick shop
  • Revised typography settings panel
  • New action button settings for the popup
  • Further optimized code libraries to improve page load time

How to get it

If you already own Turbo, you’re eligible to upgrade to this version at no extra cost. You can upgrade using there steps or, for an even easier update process, use our exclusive Shopify theme updater app to upgrade.

If you haven’t tried Turbo yet, there’s never been a better time! Our 14-day special guarantee allows you to try it out in your shop for up to two weeks — if you don't love it, we'll refund it!

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