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Parallax Shopify theme feature spotlight: Email newsletter form popup window

Parallax Shopify theme feature spotlight: Email newsletter form popup window

When running an online store in today’s crowded ecommerce landscape, it’s important to remember that acquiring and keeping customers requires a whole ecosystem of marketing efforts — and email marketing is a key component of most Shopify stores.

Parallax, the latest Shopify theme from Out of the Sandbox, comes pre-configured with a variety of advanced features that often would require extra programming with other, less advanced Shopify themes, including an easy to use email popup modal window.

Werkshop, an online store offering decorated leggings, captures visitors’ attention using the Shopify theme’s built-in email popup option. Werkshop has set up its form to entice users to join its mailing list — a process that’s easy to manage on the backend thanks to direct integration with MailChimp.

Shopify theme newsletter signup modal

The window (or "modal" as it is also known) is also “smart” in the sense it won’t show up for a set number of days (your choice) once a shopper has already seen it, a key feature in ensuring the success of such a feature. The shop owner can also set the popup to appear after a specific number of seconds, giving users a chance to engage with the site before being prompted to provide personal information.

All of these settings lets you experiment with various settings to find the most effective timing to show users these high-converting popups while keeping interference with the site experience at a minimum.

Shopify theme newsletter subscription form theme options

In addition, the popup feature isn’t limited to just an email form — with the theme control panel, Shopify store owners can tell the Parallax theme to pull the content for the popup from a Shopify page, making it a perfect way to promote sales or special offers to visitors and ensure your shoppers are always on top of the latest.

Since it’s driven off the existing and familiar Shopify page content management tool, you’ll be able to quickly and easily import new promotional content with just a few clicks of the mouse.

We’ve already seen how the infinitely flexible Parallax Shopify theme homepage options and Shopify theme color swatch features help two Shopify stores and tomorrow you’ll have a chance to explore the sidebar features that come “out of the box” in the Out of the Sandbox Parallax Shopify theme.

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