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Turbo Features (Revamp)

Theme Features

  • Smart page preloading for ultra-fast navigation. Turbo will attempt to predict the next page a user will visit in order to start loading that page in the background. This way, if and when the user clicks the link, the page will already be partially or completely loaded.
  • Two-speed settings. Choose between two performance settings: Ludicrous and Sport. Each mode is designed to keep your site running as quickly, but also as smoothly, as possible.
  • Mega-menu with multi-column submenus. Keep your collection organized by creating up to five advanced mega menu layouts, each with up to five columns of configurable content.
  • Add CSS customizations. Tweak section designs directly within the Theme Editor to customize your site further.
  • Upgraded product layouts. Include the use of tabs, add unique sections, embed videos and move either part or your whole product description under the product image/below the fold.
  • Predictive search. Enable a Predictive Search option, which allows search inquires to auto-complete and display as a customer types them in.
  • Built-in newsletter popup. The handy Popup feature can be used to encourage your shop’s visitors to subscribe to your newsletter, let visitors learn about new products, campaigns or promote sales and discounts
  • View everything Turbo has to offer in the Theme Help Center.

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