Turbo update, upgrade and upsell: Version 4.0 brings powerhouse of new features

Turbo update, upgrade and upsell: Version 4.0 brings powerhouse of new features

Just in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Out of the Sandbox’s Turbo Shopify theme gets a big boost up to version 4.0. With this release comes new features and options to help your shop level up and get ready for the busiest time of the ecommerce year.

New (high end) style

Turbo 4.0 introduces a new style — Dubai. Named for the bustling city in the United Arab Emirates, this style is designed with high end and luxury merchants in mind — but it’s great for any store looking to make a bold statement. Gold, silver, black and white, plus elegant serif fonts, keep this style simple but refined, imparting an upscale vibe to your products and brand.

Turbo Shopify theme high end style

Give Dubai a spin here. To add or use Dubai, you will need to install a fresh copy of Turbo — using our theme updater app won't work

Team page

Turbo 4.0 also introduces another specialized page template — one designed to showcase your hardworking team or staff.

Shopify theme with team page

This new page.team template lets you easily add a photograph, title, short bio and Twitter handle for each of your staff members.

Creating a “meet the team” page — along with a rich and dynamic “about us” page — can be a great way to shine a spotlight on your loyal team. These types of pages can also be key in building your brand and promoting trust with your customers, by giving your store a real human face — quite literally.

Thumbnail slider (finally!)

You asked — and we listened. By popular demand, Turbo now features a product photo thumbnail slider on the product page, a feature first introduced in our Artisan Shopify theme.

Shopify theme with thumbnail slider on product page

This new option in Turbo is especially useful if you have many images for a product; instead of a cluttered collection of thumbnails extending down the page, they all get tucked neatly away into a slider below the main image. This ultimately gives your product pages a cleaner look while still allowing shoppers to explore all of your product photos.

‘Lock icon’ option

The Turbo Shopify theme now includes the ability to display an optional “lock” icon on the checkout button — which appears on both the minicart and cart page. This subtle option is a great way to build trust and assure customers that your store is secure thanks to Shopify’s built-in SSL feature.

Shopify theme lock icon

While this may seem like a small change, research and best practices indicate that the simple addition of this icon can help increase conversion rate, by reassuring shoppers that their payment and personal information is secure.

In fact, a recent PayPal study showed that adding a simple lock icon to a checkout button boosted mobile conversions 17.37 percent.

This same study also indicated that store owners don't need to undergo a complete redesign or add or invest in expensive trust badges or widgets to increase revenue.

Upsell on the cart page

As part of Out of the Sandbox’s continuing efforts to add revenue-enhancing features to Turbo, the latest 4.0 release now features the ability to encourage additional sales right on the cart page, by adding the option to display a featured collection.

This new option lets you designate a specific collection whose products will be displayed along the bottom of the cart page, in either a slider or grid format. Customers can click items to learn more or add them to the cart without leaving the page if quick shop is enabled.

While this feature doesn’t change based on the contents of the cart, it’s still a great way to boost order value by highlighting add-ons, accessories or “impulse buys” that might appeal to any customer.

Standard width options

Turbo 4.0 also adds the ability to select “standard width” or “wide width” on many homepage sections. This option not only gives you more control over your store layout design, but also adds more flexibility to mix things up.

A (more) solid grid

Turbo 4.0 has also been updated to a new grid system based on percentages instead of set pixel widths and columns. While this upgrade is more of a “behind the scenes” change, it’s also a key step in making Turbo even more responsive across different devices.

Get Turbo 4.0

As always, Turbo 4.0 is available at no charge to existing Turbo license holders. You can update to get the new features using the Shopify theme updater app.

Please note that if you are an existing user and would like to install the new Dubai style, the theme updater app is not able to add new styles at this time. More information is available here.

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