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Our favorite Shopify theme reviews from 2018

Our favorite Shopify theme reviews from 2018

In 2018, Out of the Sandbox reached a key and distinguished milestone —800 positive reviews on the Shopify theme store. Of course, we wouldn't be able to develop a full line of the world's most popular Shopify themes without the support of our amazing customers and the feedback they provide every day, so here's a roundup of some of our favorite reviews for our premium Shopify themes from 2018:

Turbo Shopify Theme

  • "So happy to switch from Wordpress to this stylish Shopify Site. Everything was clear and easy. The fonts and colors were great and I did not make many changes. Customer service has been helpful." —Stephanie S.
  • "Hands down this template has taken our shop to the next level! The speed and ease of configuring our site is fabulous-- so many options! The best part is that our customers are hanging around our website longer which means more sales. Keep up the awesome work, Out of the Sandbox!" —Chloe & Olive Pillows
  • "(Turbo) is a perfect fit for our requirements by having a whole bunch of nice features already included, e.g. mega menu, several featured options (layouts) on the home page, multi tag filter, search capabilities and many more ... Also thumbs-up for the support team who provided a couple of times support to us — always fast and helpful. Also the Theme Updater worked pretty well so far when we used it for migrating from 3.0 to 3.1 and later on to 3.2. That saved us so much work. Looking forward to future enhancements to this theme." —Glanzberg

Find out more about the Turbo Shopify theme and how to add it to your store.


Responsive Shopify Theme

  • "This is a very detailed theme with lots of customization available to the customer. If there is a feature available in a theme I am sure this theme has it. Very satisfied with this purchase and we have recouped the costs in just a few days. We have used free themes in the past and adjusted code to suit our needs. This theme has it already plugged in and more. We discontinued several apps (after)." —
  • "Responsive (London) just feels like home for us — It's clean, classical, great colours and really wonderful. The updates are great and getting better and tutorials fantastic making a novice into an 'expert.' —Hartnack and Company
  • "The ability to create custom pages became apparent to me, just months after opening my Shopify store. This theme, Responsive, does exactly what it is supposed to do ... I would recommend people using Shopify move immediately to the Out of the Sandbox theme!" —Bravepoint Kennels

See all the features of the Responsive premium Shopify theme and try it in your store


Parallax Shopify Theme

  • "Amazing theme... The options to customise your storefront are endless so no (two) parallax themes will look the same. It looks very professional and the theme is very user friendly on all devices ... The communication has been great and couldn't ask for a better out of the box theme." —Roast House Coffee
  • "Great theme, regular updates, amazing support team! I would definitely recommend (Out of the Sandbox) and will be using their theme for another shop I'm developing." —Tempercraft USA
  • "Great theme out of the box, the documentation available through the 'Out of the Sandbox' YouTube channel is spectacular. Support was very responsive the 2-3 times I needed assistance." —WickedMm Lingerie 

Try the Parallax Shopify theme on your store and see all of its great features


Retina Shopify Theme

  • "This theme is fantastic and it has a lot of flexibility. It offers so much more than our previous theme and we highly recommend it." —Z Natural Life
  • "We wanted a theme that looked very clean and simple. We are a fashion brand and felt that the theme would allow us to grow as a business. The Retina theme is easy to customize, and lets us achieve just the look we wanted..." —Twill & Tee
  • "Highly recommend this theme for creative & handmade products. Full screen banner and large images makes our website look fantastic... We regularly get compliments on how good looking is our website. Thank you for the great design!" —Sara's Garden

Explore everything the Retina premium Shopify theme has to offer and try it in your store for free


Mobilia Shopify Theme

  • "Beautiful theme for my online appreciative of the technical support; quick response time with issues resolved. A streamlined experience all the way around. Highly recommend!" —Marie Mize Advanced Skin Care
  • "My main shop is built using retina, so when I opened another shop I HAD to go with a different theme, so we picked Mobilia. It has been a blast to work with also. I love having all OOTSB themes, as they are enough alike to lessen the learning curve, but different enough to make me learn something new. Thank you for creating such lovely, creative themes." —Kathy D.
  • "Super beautiful theme for our online store. Gives us lots of design options and has worked practically seamlessly with all of our add-ons and apps." —The Best Bird Food
See all the features of the Mobilia Shopify theme and try it out for free on your store


Artisan Shopify Theme

  • "Before using Artisan, I was worried it wouldn't have enough flexibility to do what I want. As soon as I used it (and got a few updates through their Updater) it became my favorite theme ever. I'm thrilled that Artisan breaks with convention, offering a refreshing new take on Shopify themes instead of more of the same. Very clean code & easy to customize too." —Kurt
  • "Switched to this theme a few months ago and love it. I was on a free theme before and although really good for starting out I just need more options. Now I can really tailor my theme the way I would like it to look..." —Angie
  • "Artisan was quick and intuitive to setup. I love this theme for service businesses. The double image and text feature is great. I used the testimonial slider to showcase my portfolio - brilliant that it's adaptable that way. The background shapes add a bit of fun and whimsy. I'm look forward to setting up the gallery page to showcase my clients and the customizable contact form." —Webology

Meet the Artisan Shopify theme here — you can even try it for free on your store


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