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Hitting a milestone: Out of the Sandbox hits 800+ positive Shopify theme reviews

Hitting a milestone: Out of the Sandbox hits 800+ positive Shopify theme reviews

Shopify theme designer and developer Out of the Sandbox hit an impressive milestone this week — reaching the 800 positive review mark on the Shopify theme store.

This means that, since 2011, Out of the Sandbox has racked up 800 positive reviews split among our four themes sold in the Shopify Theme Store — Parallax, Retina, Responsive and Mobilia.

These reviews are all from verified customers who have actually purchased and used an Out of the Sandbox Shopify theme.

Reviews cover not only the quality of design, features and flexibility of Shopify themes, but also customer support.

Here’s a collection of some of our favorite reviews, along with some helpful tips for current and future customers looking to get the most out of their Out of the Sandbox Shopify theme.


“The ability to create custom pages became apparent to me, just months after opening my Shopify store. This theme, Responsive, does exactly what it is supposed to do.” Bravepoint Kennels

The new page.details and product.details feature in Out of the Sandbox themes lets you easily build a content page and product page with a more advanced layout. The feature can also be customized to add additional page or product page layouts.

“I spent a long time researching all the different themes and this one seemed perfect, with exactly the right features. I'm so glad I chose this. It's works perfect on desktop and mobile and I've already seen an increase in conversions since using it.” — Festival Glitter

For more details, including a PDF feature comparison chart, about our all of our Shopify themes, see this article.

“This theme is clean and smooth. I love it! It gets even better with every update.” — Mothering Earthlings

Out of the Sandbox has a longtime commitment to releasing frequent theme updates that resolve issues in previous versions, improve performance and security and add new features. For a look at the major releases of all of our Shopify themes, check out our changelogs.


“The Parallax theme is everything we were hoping for when envisioning the design of our new site. It mirrored the aesthetic and design ethos of our brand and elevated our ecommerce presence. The responsive layout and home page content work so well on every device, it's just perfect.”Toren Technical Apparel

Since this review was posted back in 2014, Out of the Sandbox has been updated significantly to include even more options for sections.

“I spent weeks researching for the right theme and once I found Parallax we knew right away our search was over. We just went live and the feedback from our customers has been amazing.”Kyrz's Closet

Shopping for the right Shopify theme can be tough, but we’ve got a series of blog posts about things to look for.

“I have several stores that I run on Shopify, all using premium themes with modification made thanks to the Shopify experts. With the Parallax theme I was able to get what I wanted out the box without needing to go to the expense and time of digging into the HTML/CSS ... (it’s) without a doubt one of the sexiest, best functioning themes out there.”CycloPlus

Using a premium Shopify theme is important, but not all are created equal. Explore more on how to make sure you buy the right Shopify theme.


“This is the second time that we have used an Out of the Sandbox theme. We love how well designed, responsive, and engaging this Retina theme is out of the box. The Retina theme is easily customizable and extensible. The level of support from (the team) is always friendly, helpful and patient. We are very excited to see how this beautiful theme delights and engages our customers.”Kanju Interiors

In addition to numerous repeat customers, Out of the Sandbox Shopify themes help power thousands of Shopify stores that convert.

“I love my Retina theme and all the options for (customization). The support both direct as well as their tutorials and examples of custom (HTML) for things like tabs and columns was the winner for me.”Oh Mabel

All Out of the Sandbox Shopify themes come with tons of built in options ranging from the number of items per section, to how they are laid out — going all the way down to colors and fonts. We also have great partners who can help with more advanced customizations and huge archive of tutorials about how to make other changes, including the columns setup Oh Mabel mentions.

“We chose this theme 'cos our traffic data showed we needed a responsive site, minimal but practical. We didn't wanna scare real people off by being too design-y. It's perfect for us, looks good, simple to create (and) edit, easy to navigate the theme editor ... highly recommend.”Bloomsbury Manor

Out of the Sandbox themes don’t just look great, they used best practices in ecommerce user experience and conversion rate operation to help lay the groundwork for a solid store that converts visits to buyers.


"I can't say enough good things about Out of The Sandbox. I am new to Shopify E-commerce and decided to use a theme when building my website. I chose the Mobilia theme. The theme has everything I needed to get my site up and running quickly."Baja Bob's Cocktail Mixes

Out of the Sandbox themes are great choices for someone just getting started with ecommerce — with a great mix of features while also making it easy to understand how to get things set up and running thanks to our helpful setup guides and videos.

"Our sales went up the second we upgraded from our DIY theme to Out of the Sandbox! These themes dig deep into the Shopify platform to bring you a robust set of features. Our shop is a kind of variety store, so we liked the sub-menu feature. If you like to tinker with the code, you will be thrilled to find it extremely well organized and documented. We're upgrading to the latest soon! A+" — Wild Was Mama

Our goal is to leverage Shopify as much as possible to bring great features to store owners at no extra cost whenever possible. And, for those who like to tweak even more, the code is clean, organized and well documented — and we have great partners who can help with customizations too.


“I had initially purchased this theme for speed and flexibility. I knew I'd have an image heavy site and beyond that, I was not sure what I would need exactly. But as I went along building out my site, I returned again and again to the amazing video tutorials to navigate all the options available in this theme. Wow! I have no coding experience whatsoever, and yet, I was able to do tabbed descriptions, set up multiple page.details templates — not to mention all the standard built-in features.” — Nona

Turbo is designed to not only a ton of flexibility with sections by also is packed with many value added features  that make it easy to add advanced functionality to your store. In many cases you can save money after using apps. You can also visit our YouTube channel for more great tutorial videos.

“This is — hands down — the best and most versatile theme for Shopify. It's (pricey) in comparison, but COMPLETELY worth it. You can customize so much with it, and I keep discovering new ways to improve my store. Another huge plus with using an Out of the Sandbox theme is that they have an app that makes it really easy to update the theme when they push out updates.” — Nicole

We do understand that Turbo is at a higher price point — so we always recommend keeping an eye on our Facebook and Twitter feeds for specials throughout the year. That said, it does come with advanced Shopify theme features you won’t find in other themes. The Shopify Theme Updater App is an app that helps make updating your theme easier, which is another great reason to use Turbo or any other Out of the Sandbox Shopify theme.

“In the process of upgrading our website to the Turbo theme and it is an upgrade in every sense of the word. Such a lovely theme to design with and really feels like they've thought of everything.” — Lisa

Turbo is packed with advanced Shopify theme features that many other premium Shopify themes don’t have. In addition, we work hard to add new features with every release. One of the latest features to come to Turbo is predictive search but you can stay on top of new updates here.

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