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Responsive 7: 7 big updates to a classic, timeless Shopify theme

Responsive 7: 7 big updates to a classic, timeless Shopify theme

Responsive has a special place in our hearts here at Out of the Sandbox — not only was it the “original” Shopify theme Out of the Sandbox offered, but it’s also the best reviewed Shopify theme of all time — and now it’s about to get even better.

We’re excited to announce Responsive has reached a key milestone — version 7 — and, along with that, there are seven key new features to power your Shopify store:

Mega menu

Responsive’s navigation menu has undergone a mega update — quite literally.

Responsive 7 Shopify theme with mega menu

Responsive 7 now includes support for a mega menu built in, making it easier than ever to build an effective navigation menu that can accommodate multiple columns of menus plus an optional featured image. The mega menu makes more of your links visible and accessible at once, making it easier for shoppers to explore your site and see what you offer — and hopefully move down that sales funnel even faster.

Learn more about how to approach navigation with mega menus and how to use them effectively here.

FAQ template

Responsive 7 also adds a frequently asked question template for this popular Shopify theme, letting you organize your questions and answers using accordion-style, collapsible panels complete with a subtle animation.

FAQ template Shopify theme

You can choose to have the questions go the full width of the page, or split the page in half with an image on one side and the questions on the other.

Shopify theme with FAQ page

Redesigned elements

Responsive 7 also includes some fresh updates and additions to shop elements that will give you more options and improve your customers’ shopping’ experience:

Shopify theme social media icon options

  • New option to remove the circle border on the social icons

Shopify theme quantity box

  • Improved the design and interactivity of the quantity box

Shopify theme newsletter signup form advanced design

Shopify theme sections


We’ve also redesigned Responsive’s four style presents: London, Paris, San Francisco and New York to inspire you and get your store off to the right start.

  • London features a high end fashion look with a edgy feel.
  • The Paris style has and demo store now features an industrial, trendy design.
  • San Francisco is now a clean and modern beauty store.
  • The New York style has been updated to include a clean and bold look.

Get it now

Ready to get started with Responsive 7 get started by trying it out on your store or purchasing it from the Shopify theme store.

You can also use the Theme Updater App.

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