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Section by section: 15 ways to use the logo list section

Section by section: 15 ways to use the logo list section

Since introducing support for Shopify theme Sections across our Responsive, Retina, Parallax and Mobilia Shopify themes, Out of the Sandbox decided to include some brand new sections that weren't previously available, such as logo lists, testimonial and homepage galleries.

One of the great features of sections is that they are highly flexible and can include multiple “blocks” (or content pieces) within each section.

This flexibility means that you can often use a section for a new or unexpected purpose, which really opens up the power of sections and gives you access to numerous design options that would have required custom code before.

Sections can be positioned anywhere you want on your homepage, and you can also add as many sections as you like (though we recommend not going overboard).

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be taking a look at many of the section types — particularly those that are new to OOTS Shopify themes — and giving you ideas on how they can be used in new and creative ways.

New section: Logo Iist

The logo list section is, at its core, a row of small images with space between them that go from one side of the page to the other:

  1. Supports up to five logos or images per row; the theme automatically inserts a line break on multiples of five.
  2. Can be used to feature essentially an unlimited number of logos or images.
  3. A header can be used to label the section.
  4. Each logo can link to a unique location (optional).
  5. In mobile, logos become stacked horizontally.
  6. For ideal results, upload all images at the same size or aspect ratio.
  7. Note that images do not expand in width automatically, so using at least three logos is recommended.
  8. Any text that you need to label an individual logo with needs to be included in the image file.

Using the logo list Shopify theme section

Here are 15 ways to use the logo list section on your Shopify theme’s homepage:

  • Partner logos: Feature the logos of partner companies, manufacturers or companies. Link to their sites so customers can find out more about them.
  • Vendor logos: Feature the logos of your vendors, with links to each one’s homepage.
  • Brand or designer logos: Showcase your top or most requested brands or designers and link each one to a collection or page with more information about that brand or designer.

Shopify in the news section

  • Press mentions: Add logos of publications or broadcast programs that have featured your company. Link each logo to the article on the media outlet’s site or a screenshot of the article hosted on your own Shopify page. Popular section titles for this type of usage are “Featured in” or “As seen on”, etc. Hint: For a cleaner look, make sure you use logos with transparent backgrounds and that are uniform in color.

  • Promotions: Feature current sales with small images that describe each one (such as “70% off” in a starburst or bubble). Link each image to the collection or relevant product.
  • Awards: Show the logos or seals of various awards you’ve been honored with. Link each one to the organization or a blog post about the award.
  • Memberships: Showcase the professional or industry organizations you belong to. Link each one to the organization’s website or a blog post announcing your membership.
  • Local memberships: If you’re a more local or regional business, also consider including logos of organizations such as local chambers of commerce or downtown associations to help emphasize your involvement in the community.
  • Local sponsorships: If you sponsor a local team or charitable event, upload each logo here and link the logo to either the organization’s page or a blog post about your involvement.
  • Contact sections: Showcase how customers can contact you to build confidence and boost your support availability. Upload an icon representing your phone number, email, live chat, SMS or other method and link each one to a corresponding link (hint: use “tel:” at the beginning of the URL instead of “http://” to trigger a phone call and “mailto:” at the beginning of an email address).
  • Payment methods: This module can be a great way to showcase the payment methods you accept in a more prominent location.

  • Certifications: If your products are certified organic, non-GMO, gluten free, handmade or another unique characteristic, upload images of the certification seal (or make your own) and link each one to a page that gives users more information about what the certification means.

  • Simple “filtering”: Offer users a simple “shop by” section on the homepage. For example, create a “shop by age” section and upload small icons with age ranges. Link each one to a collection you create for that age group.
  • Holiday features: Upload holiday themed images with built in text label and link to appropriate collections or blog posts with product recommendations.
  • Meet the team: upload images of each of your staff members and link each of these to their own profile page (or link all of them to your About Us page).

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