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BFCM Prep: Roundup of Black Friday and Cyber Monday tips and advice

BFCM Prep: Roundup of Black Friday and Cyber Monday tips and advice

Updated for BFCM 2018.

As Black Friday and Cyber Monday quickly approach, here's a quick look at a collection of great resources, tips and ideas for your store during the busy holiday shopping season.

Deck the halls

Adding some holiday flair to your Shopify theme is a great way to get visitors in the shopping spirit and also call attention to your latest specials, sales and products.

Learn more about Shopify holiday updates you can make here

Give your a site a checkup

Is your Shopify store "healthy" enough for Black Friday? Use this post to give your store and Shopify theme a clean bill of health.

See the complete Black Friday and Cyber Monday site checkup again here

Sections are your friend

Find out how the flexibility and scalability of Shopify theme sections can help you build an eye-catching, dynamic homepage.

Discover how to use Shopify sections for BFCM promotions

Special offer strategies

BFCM shoppers are often on the hunt for great deals, so it can be vital to grab their attention with special pricing or exciting offers. 

Get a full list of ways to use discounts, promotions and coupon codes for BFCM

Switching things up

Another way to grab shoppers' attention is to switch to a whole new look for BFCM — and the Turbo theme's new "Chicago" style is a perfect way to do that.

See how to switch your store to a different them (Turbo or otherwise)

It's not too late

It's always easy for time to slip by and, presto, you find yourself staring down the calendar. But it's not too late to some quick and easy things to get ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

See our list of dos and don'ts for last minute BFCM prep

Break out the toolbox

Not surprisingly, Shopify has an extensive section of resources and guides to help merchants sell more this BFCM — and all year round. Plus, Shopify has rolled out a selection of handy new features and tools to help make selling easier and more affordable.

Tips and resources

New features

  • Sharable discount links: This new Shopify feature lets you make it easier than ever for shoppers to automatically take advantage of your BFCM offers.
  • Google autocomplete during checkout: Shopify has made it easier than ever for shoppers to enter address information during checkout.
  • Calculated shipping rates on all Shopify plans: Accurately and easily calculate shipping costs based on a shopper's location — just in time for holiday deliveries. 
  • UPS for Shopify Shipping: Save big on UPS shipping rates, making it easier and more affordable to offer those free or discounted shipping offers BFCM shoppers expect.
  • Live View: Realtime visitor data to help you analyze data and take action in real time.

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