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by Michael P. Hill July 21, 2015

Color is one of the most important elements of designing your Shopify store. It has a huge influence on your shopper’s perception of your brand, company and products and, when used correctly, can also help boost sales.

But how do you go about finding just the right color scheme to use with your Shopify theme? We’ve gathered a few fresh palettes for your inspiration.

In each of the color schemes below, we’ve provided the HTML Hex codes for each color; this is a standardized way to indicate color for websites and is fully compatible with most Shopify theme control panels, including all of Out of the Sandbox's. To learn more about how to input these colors into your themes, see this helpful article.


Subtle shades of gray mixed with a rich yet sophisticated orange shade give this color scheme a modern yet friendly look for your Shopify theme. The slate gray used in this palette has subtle hints of blues and violets mixed in, giving a more sophisticated look and feel than a typical (and more boring) gray. Use the orange for your “add to cart” button to make it easy for users to shop. This is a great option for Shopify themes that are used to sell electronics or gadgets.

  • Slate Gray: #5C656D
  • Rusty Orange: #DE7D00
  • Ash Gray: #999999


Inspired by the primary colors of red, yellow and blue but with a bit of a “grown up” twist, this color palette is a natural choice for stores that cater to the young and young at heart. It’s a great way to make your Shopify theme look feel friendly and cheerful — without being overly cutesy, so it’s a natural choice for baby and kids Shopify stores.

  • Barn Red: #D30000
  • Fresh Blue: #0075C7
  • Goldenrod: #FFC600


    This color scheme mixed a sophisticated shade of teal with rich, warm orange-brown for a modern, updated take on earthtones. The deep teal shade, meanwhile, is almost black, but its hint of green and blue ties it in nicely with the rest of the colors. This color scheme is a great choice for Shopify themes used for selling outdoor gear, men’s goods or other high end items.

    • Rust: #C75E43
    • Teal: #006572
    • Deep Teal: #102921


      Sophisticated and fashionable, this color scheme conveys quality and richness. The black here has an almost imperceivable amount of red in it — but creates an interesting harmony between the shades. Fashion, accessory and cosmetic stores will find this Shopify theme color scheme to be a great fit.

      • Wine: #990033
      • Bold Black: #330011
      • Parchment: #EDE9D8


        A refreshing take on your typical mint tones that includes unique shades that are modern while still drawing from familiar shades. This is a great option for health and beauty products or technology Shopify store themes.

        • Wintergreen: #5AFAC9
        • Spearmint: #6BDEFF
        • Clean Mint: #DCFCFF


          This color scheme is a fresh take on many of the colors found in nature — without coming across as too earthy.

          • Sky Blue: #7FD1E8
          • Lime Green: #B9D221
          • Grassy Green: #89C43A
          • Tidal Teal: #51C3C5


            This simple color scheme relies on various shades of grays to create a high end look that lets photos stand out. Try mixing it with black and white or super-rich photography for two completely different looks. One point to keep in mind when using high contrast colors such as white and black — sometimes using pure white or pure black causes too much contrast, which can make text more difficult to read; so using shades that are just slightly skewed from being pure white or black is an effective technique to avoid this.

            • Midnight: #333333
            • Charcoal: #454545
            • Mist: #ECECEC

              Bonus: Sandbox

              We’re a bit partial to this color scheme — because it’s based on the one the Out of the Sandbox site uses! But it’s a great way to combine subtle colors that still let your photography shine through with fresh and friendly shades of orange and blue. These colors are particularly good picks for your “add to cart” buttons or anything else you want to draw attention to since they really stand out on the screen.

              • Blue Gray: #3C464F
              • Fresh Blue: #479CCF
              • Active Orange: #EBB129

              One thing to keep in mind about colors you use in your Shopify theme design is that, depending on the manufacturer, ambient lighting conditions and individual settings, colors often display differently on different computers or devices. Also keep in mind that some people see colors differently due to color blindness or other vision conditions.

              Michael P. Hill
              Michael P. Hill

              Michael P. Hill is a Shopify, Shopify theme, content marketing, digital marketing and product management expert based in Chicago. Follow him on Twitter at @michaelphill or connect on LinkedIn.

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