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Parallax Shopify theme feature spotlight: Sold out and coming soon products

Parallax Shopify theme feature spotlight: Sold out and coming soon products

Truly flexible Shopify themes give store owners two key things: A great, customizable design and added value features.

Out of the Sandbox’s Parallax theme already offers a myriad of features that we’ve spotlighted this week, including an advanced Shopify homepage builder, color swatches, email signup popups and customizable sidebar.

Coupled with stunning design options that include full width backgrounds, parallax scrolling effects and easy-to-configure Google Font and custom logo integration, Parallax is a true premium Shopify theme.

Today we’ll explore another commonly requested feature — the ability for shoppers to sign up to be notified when a sold out or yet-to-be-released product is available.

Through the theme’s backend control panel, it’s easy to set the your online store’s product pages to show an email signup for when a product is designated as coming soon or sold out.

Shopify theme with out of stock and preorder feature

This is a great way to gauge interest in products and help determine stocking strategy, but also gives you access to additional email addresses from customers you know are engaged shoppers. You’ll also gain valuable insight into what, exactly, they are interested in.

Although the feature doesn’t allow you to automatically notify customers when the item comes back in stock, a feature that typically requires a third party app, this approach is great because it doesn’t require an added monthly fee and you can still add those who express interest in out of stock or coming soon products to specific lists in your email marketing provider and notify them that way with targeted messaging.

Keep in mind, too, you’ll also have the flexibility to let shoppers know about related products that might fit their needs, even if the item they originally expressed interest in doesn’t come back in stock. This is a great way to maintain communication with customers and prevent losing a sale by offering up a great alternative.

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