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Turbo theme FAQs

Can I buy Turbo in the Shopify Theme Store?

Turbo is only available for purchase at

Are all theme styles/presets included in my Turbo purchase?

Yes! Every purchase of Turbo includes 6 theme styles/presets.

How do I update my Turbo theme?

Install the Theme Updater & Backups app. Use the default, free plan to get the latest version of Turbo or subscribe to the Pro plan to migrate content, custom code, and more.

What if the Turbo theme isn't right for my store?

If Turbo doesn't suit your store's needs, we maintain a 14-day satisfaction guarantee. Contact us within 14 days of purchasing your theme and qualify for a full refund.

What's the difference between Ludicrous and Sport mode?

When set to Ludicrous, you get the full advantage of Turbo's performance-enhancing features.

Sport mode offers all of the same performance-enhancing techniques used in Ludicrous with only a single exception: page preloading.

Page preloading uses advanced methods to attempt to predict the next page the user will visit. If it is able to determine this, it starts loading that page in the background, so that if and when the user does click the link, the page will be partially or completely loaded.


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