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Theme Updater Plus Partner Program Terms and Conditions

To qualify for subscription commissions of Theme Updater plans, theme partners must agree to these terms.

Commission rate

Approved Theme Updater Plus Partners receive 20% of the subscription revenue for the user’s first 12 months. Totals are calculated using the Partner Share data from official Shopify Partners earnings.

Payment schedule

There is a one-month buffer period between when commissions are earned and paid. Exact payout dates and timing may vary and we reserve the right to determine payout dates and eligibility at its sole and final discretion. Some conversions may be subject to a longer hold period. All sales and commissions are in USD. The program administrators reserve the right to delay, cancel, or withhold any commission at any time for any reason, without notice and at their sole and final discretion.

Brand standards

Partners must abide by all brand standards. Partners may, at administrators' sole and final discretion, be asked to remove any logos or other brand assets.

Commission conditions

To track a partner commission, the app subscription must be purchased after the customer submits their shop domain to the “Get Started” landing page.
Only new subscribers qualify as referrals; this offer does not extend to returning users.
We reserve the right, at our sole and final discretion, to determine the eligibility of commissions and the payout schedule of commissions, including partial commissions.
Partner commission is based on the final partner share and collected revenue.


Conversion rates, commissions, payouts, and program operations, including partner program dashboards, are considered confidential, proprietary information between the partner and the partner administrators. partners are strictly prohibited from discussing publicly conversion rates, payouts, program policies, or other program details in any public forum.

Administrators reserve the right to edit or modify the terms of this program or suspend or cancel this program at any time without notice. This program is provided as a courtesy only and the administrators do not guarantee that all commissions will be properly tracked and cannot provide credit for improperly tracked orders. The administrators also reserve the right to deny any application or remove a partner from the program for any reason without notice, which may include forfeiture of any pending commissions.

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