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Superstore Features

Theme Features

  • Optimized for large catalogs
    Superstore is built to support online stores with huge catalogs and advanced merchandising needs.
  • Ultra-powerful navigation
    Get customers to the checkout faster with customizable multi-column drop-down menus and quick links.
  • Wholesale Club integration
    Wholesale Club, is the easiest way to offer wholesale pricing on Shopify. Simply integrate Wholesale Club with Superstore and offer exclusive pricing to signed-in, tagged customers right in your Shopify store.
  • Fast collection filtering
    AJAX technology allows customers to rapidly and responsively filter and sort products on collection pages.
  • Fully integrated custom scripts
    Make additions and edits to your theme’s code without the hassle of having to leave the theme editor.
  • Epic design flexibility
    Achieve a singular, branded look and feel with Superstore’s highly configurable design, styling, and layout options.
  • Predictive live search
    Improve discoverability and accelerate conversions with fast, dynamic search results for products and content.
  • Speed and performance
    Superstore comes fully loaded with a host of speed-boosting features, including Turbolinks, lazy loading, and minified JS.
  • Eye-catching promotions
    Promote sales, discounts, and featured products with promo sections similar to major online retailers.
  • Dynamic highlights banner
    Display contact details, shipping policies, and other important store info with stylish, customizable icons.

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