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Retina Features (Revamp)

Theme Features

  • Optimized for large images. Let your imagery shine with full-width banners, slideshows and videos, perfect for showcasing high-resolution photography.
  • Header styles. Multiple width, menu, border and header style options to choose from to produce a variety of different looks.
  • Refined, modern design. Choose one of Retina’s four polished, professionally designed style presets to kickstart your shop and showcase your products + brand.
  • Optimized mobile design. Swipeable, space-saving and thumb-friendly layouts.
  • Slide-out cart. Let your customers easily edit or add to their cart without leaving their current page.
  • FAQ template. Share common questions and answers with your customers on a dedicated FAQ page.
  • Upgraded product and page layouts. Create unique, engaging product and internal pages with configurable sections in the product.details and page.details templates.
  • View everything Retina has to offer in the Theme Help Center.

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