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What is Theme Updater Plus?

Theme Updater Plus is the Shopify app that makes theme updates easy. Try Theme Updater Plus to keep your theme up-to-date, optimized, and backed up.

With many theme releases each year, updating your theme to its latest version is critical to get Shopify’s latest features, plug security holes, and fix bugs. Say goodbye to tiresome manual updates and hello to Theme Updater Plus, the only app that streamlines theme updates. Let the app do the heavy lifting, make speedy upgrades, and preserve customizations. Add Vault backups for Products, Themes, Collections, Orders, or Customers and eliminate downtime due to data loss or listing mistakes.

  • Content preservation to keep your customizations & settings across updates
  • Email notifications alert you when new theme versions become available
  • Secure quick access to support services and new versions with theme registration
  • Automated backups for products, collections, themes, orders, customers, and more
  • Mitigate listing mistakes by quickly and automatically restoring your store

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