Copy of Turbo: Features List 2


Announcement bar
Cart icon options
Currency converter
Customer login
Dropdown menu
Interactive mini cart
Logo options
Mega menu
Phone number
Predictive Search
Social icons
Sticky header
Top bar/top menu


Blog posts
Collection list
Contact form
Featured collection
Featured products
Featured promotions
Video section
Google map (with optional Google Maps API integration)
Image gallery
Image with text
Image with text overlay
Logo list
Newsletter popup
Newsletter section
Recently viewed products
Rich text + image
Search section
Social feeds (Instagram + Twitter)
Custom HTML section
Text Columns with Images Section
Standard Width Options for all Sections


Collection sorting + filtering
Color swatches below thumbnail
Configurable sidebar
Display 2, 3, or 4 products/row
Full-width top banner image
Multiple pagination options
Multi-tag filter in sidebar
Recently viewed items in sidebar
Sale/New/Coming Soon banners
Quick Shop


Agree to terms checkbox
Blog DISQUS comments
Team Page
Built-in theme translations
Button shape options
Gallery Page
Configurable footer content
FAQ Page
Custom footer logo
Image gallery template
MailChimp newsletter support
Page details template
Shipping rates calculator
'Ludicrous' and 'Sport' Performance Modes
Social icons in footer
Support for Shopify's Font Picker Settings
Featured Collection on Cart Page
Percentage Based Grid