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by Michael P. Hill

Get a double dose of the “second city” with version 2.2 of the Turbo Shopify theme — available now.

We’re excited to announce the release of this new version, which combines Turbo’s famous blazing fast speed, a collection of great new features and a great new style — named after the iconic city of Chicago.

Chicago style

Turbo Shopify theme Chicago style

In addition to its sister style presets of Portland and Seoul, the new Chicago style preset is a dark and elegant look that plays homage to the city’s vibrant nightlife of both today and dating back to the jazz era of the 1920s and 30s.

The new look is perfect, as is, for a variety of Shopify stores, including high fashion, technology or anyone looking to sell edgy and stylish goods. It’s also a high impact style that any Turbo shop can enable temporarily for special occasions and events like Halloween, Black Friday and Valentine’s Day.

For a look at the Chicago style, check out our demo store here.

FAQ page

Shopify theme FAQ template

Another key new feature Turbo adds is built in support for an accordion-style, frequently asked question page — making it the first theme in our collection to officially support this feature.

This new template lets you create a compact, easy to scan list of FAQs that customers can click on to see the answer — all without leaving the page or cluttering things with too much text. The page is super easy to configure and you can also include a top banner image to add some visual interest.

For a peek at what this looks like and how it works, see this page in the demo store.

Text columns with images section

Shopify theme columns section

This new Shopify homepage section adds the ability to mix a combination of text and images in a multi-column setup without creating a separate page (as was previously required to set things up in columns), giving you yet more flexibility to create engaging and dynamic homepages. Try experimenting with the various settings — column number, borders, and text size — along with a combination of text and images, to give some of your homepage content a more interesting, sophisticated editorial style

Image with text section update

Shopify theme homepage design

The image with text section has also been updated to allow you to pick between full width or standard width options, adding an additional layer of flexibility to your homepage design.

Sidebar menus

Turbo 2.2 now features the ability to have up to three total levels in the toggle sidebar menus, giving you more options to create deeper and more precise navigation options for your customers.

Google Analytics fix

Turbo 2.2 also includes a fix for a previous issue with duplicate page views being recorded by Google Analytics.

More features

  • Option to show the Google Map section in grayscale rather than color
  • Select a color for the slideshow arrows
  • New banner headings font setting
  • New “continue reading” style for blog posts
  • New options for divider lines
  • Additional Google Fonts
  • Numerous bug fixes and code optimization

How to get it

Ready to add Turbo 2.2 to your store? If you’re new to Out of the Sandbox or Turbo, buying the theme here will get you all set up with the latest versions. If you’re already a Turbo user, use our exclusive free Shopify Theme Updater App to upgrade.

It is important to note that, at this time, our free Shopify Theme Updater App does not support adding new styles. So, if you want to add and use the Chicago style to your store, you’ll need to install a fresh copy of Turbo.

If you’re just looking to get the latest bug fixes, new sections and other new features, the theme updater app will support this — you just won’t see the Chicago style preset.

Michael P. Hill
Michael P. Hill

Michael P. Hill is a Shopify, Shopify theme, content marketing, digital marketing and product management expert based in Chicago. Follow him on Twitter at @michaelphill or connect on LinkedIn.

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