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Update your Archetype theme and keep code edits

Update your Archetype theme and keep code edits

We’re delighted to announce that Archetype Themes merchants now benefit from the unique features of Theme Updater!

Merchants using Impulse, Expanse, Motion, or Streamline themes are invited to try the basic advantages of the Free Plan or the premium features of the Pro Plan.

Free plan

The Free Plan provides basic theme management and ongoing access to the latest version in its default form. Use the Free Plan to register your theme, then use the Install default theme version feature to access the latest release of your theme.

Pro plan

Try out the Pro Plan and, with the click of the Update button, watch Theme Updater copy your current theme settings, theme editor content, and customizations to the latest version. Custom code changes are also carried over when possible.

Updating a theme with modified theme files? Theme Updater identifies, gathers, and compares theme files to provide a list of merge conflicts if old customizations don’t fit the new theme structure.

Supported themes

With the addition of Archetype's Impulse, Expanse, Motion, and Streamline, Theme Updater now supports three theme catalogs and a total of 18 themes!

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Naturally, Theme Updater supports all current Out of the Sandbox themes. These include Turbo, Flex, Retina, Responsive, Parallax, and Superstore.

🔗  Browse Out of the Sandbox themes

Back in 2018, Theme Updater welcomed the Pixel Union theme catalog and supports all current Pixel Union themes. These include Empire, Editions, Tailor, Grid, Atlantic, Pacific, Startup, and Launch.

🔗  Browse Pixel Union themes

Ready to give it a try?

Install Theme Updater in your Shopify store and register your Archetype theme to unlock your 14-day trial of the Pro Plan! Determine if the app’s Pro Plan suits your needs, then sign up for a Monthly or Yearly subscription.

Not right for you? No room in the budget? No problem. Stick with the Free Plan to receive notifications for new version releases and add the latest theme version with ease.

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