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The winners of the Outstanding Shop Awards 2020

The winners of the Outstanding Shop Awards 2020

Judging has wrapped and we’re excited to announce the winners of the first annual Outstanding Shop Awards, presented by Pixel Union and Out of the Sandbox.

We received hundreds of merchant and agency applicants, from stores around the world, with big brands and start-ups alike represented among the competition. The judges were incredibly impressed by the calibre of submissions and would like to applaud the hundreds of outstanding shops that were not named as finalists. 

We'd like to thank our generous sponsors for their participation and support. The Outstanding Shop Awards wouldn't have been possible without you!

Congratulations to all of the winners and runners up! Scroll down to see the results.


Merchant Division

Best Shop: Apparel

Winner: Neiwai (Superstore)

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Runners Up

Robert W. Stolz (Turbo)

So We Flow (Flex)

Best Shop: Home & Decor

Winner: Stilform (Turbo)

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Runners Up

Hobbs Modern (Atlantic)

Skylark + Owl Linen Co (Flex)


Best Shop: Food & Drink

Winner: Yumi Organics (Turbo)

YUMi Organics shop

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Runners Up

Emilia Food Love (Retina)

Krakenkind (Empire)


Best Shop: Health & Beauty

Winner: WOW YOU (Turbo)

WOW YOU shop

Runners Up

Only Curls (Flex)

Black Travel Box (Parallax)


Best Shop: Toys & Electronics

Winner: Headphone Zone (Turbo)

Headphone zone shop

Runners Up

Boogie Board (Turbo)

Blue Box UV (Launch)


Best Shop: Sports & Recreation

Winner: Brooklyn Bicycle (Turbo)

Brooklyn Bicycle Co. shop

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Runners Up

Airofit (Flex)

Gator Guards (Turbo)


Best Shop: Other

Winner: MindJournal (Launch)

MindJournal shop

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Runners Up

Modkat (Turbo)

Mimochai (Turbo)


Agency Division

Best Turbo Shop

Winner: Latimer Design for GoSun

GoSun shop

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Runners Up

Fellam for Wild Beauty GmbH

Pulp+Wire for Karl Family Farms for Yahgan Seafood


Best Flex Shop

Winner:, LLC for Boosted USA

Boosted USA shop

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Runners Up

Dual Citizen for Mandala Fashion

Diff Agency for Jamieson Vitamins

Pulp+Wire for Bearded Brothers


Best Superstore + Other Shop

Winner: Brickspace LAB for Woven Nook

Woven nook shop

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Runners Up

Gimalaya for (Grid)

Rocket55 for Core Products International, Inc (Superstore)


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