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Updated Shopify theme updater app adds new features, new look

Updated Shopify theme updater app adds new features, new look

Last September, Out of the Sandbox revolutionized the Shopify theme ecosystem by releasing the exclusive Shopify Theme Updater app — and now the app is moving past its initial beta version with the introduction of new features and a pro plan.

Since the initial release, over 10,000 stores installed the app, saving countless combined hours of manually reconfiguring every theme setting after updating.

The new version of the app still includes unlimited theme updates, but a new pro plan is now available that adds email notifications of new releases and transferring language files.

The pro version is priced at $14 a month or $129 a year.

A new look

All app users will notice a big change right off the bat — a switch to the new Shopify look known as Polaris. The upgrade will make it easier to navigate the features and streamline managing and using the app, integrating seamlessly with the main Shopify admin.

Email notifications

Subscribers to the pro plan will receive automatic notifications via email when a new version of their theme has been released , prompting them to upgrade their theme to keep current with the latest additions and bug fixes. This feature will ensure that t users are notified when new updates are made available, without them having to constantly check the dashboard for updates.

Language transfers

In the initial release of the app, moving over language files was not supported. The new pro plan adds support for this oft-requested feature — so the app will move over existing translation files automatically. This new feature is useful even for English language stores who opt to customize the messaging of their store by changing the Shopify language settings.

Looking ahead

We’ve heard from many of you about other features you’d like to see in the theme updater app and we’ve already begun development on the next version. At this time, our goal is to continue to offer all of the initial features, but most new features, when added, will become part of the paid pro plan.

Specifically, one feature that is already in the works for a future release is a way to tell what changes or customizations need to be carried over manually.

Look for the next version of the Theme Updater App in the coming months!

Get the app

If you're not one of the 10,000-plus store owners who already have the Theme Updater App, you can install it here.

For more information and answers to frequently asked questions about the app, click here.


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