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How business owners and entrepreneurs will benefit from the Flex premium Shopify theme

How business owners and entrepreneurs will benefit from the Flex premium Shopify theme

Flex, as its name implies, is the most flexible Shopify theme we’ve created — designed to give business owners of all sizes, entrepreneurs and agencies alike the tools they need to create amazing and unique Shopify stores.

Small and medium-sized businesses, as well as solopreneurs, will also find the Flex Shopify theme to be an ideal choice given its plethora of settings and customization options that allow for ultimate control without touching code.

Running a business solo — or even with a few helping hands — is always a challenge and the Flex Shopify theme is designed to give you the tools you need to create a great looking Shopify store that matches your brand and helps close the deal on sales.

Flex features the most settings and options of any Shopify theme we’ve created and can be configured in many different ways, thanks to multiple layout and section options that you can control with just a few clicks, without hiring a developer.

That said, design options are also well thought out with the ultimate goal of finding that balance between too little and too many options.

Shopify theme customization flexibility

This kind of flexibility is ideal for solo and smaller businesses when you or your team have to wear many hats, including the roles of web designer and developer.

For small businesses or sole proprietors, Flex also comes ready to go with the framework you need to create an eye-catching store that’s designed to convert browsers into buyers.

Backed with tried and true best practices in conversion optimization and user experience, Flex is ideal for almost any type of ecommerce business.

Packed with robust customization options, the theme can be leveraged by a wide variety and sizes of stores to get not only the right look, but also a store that sells.

Its design, layout, and features provides proven conversion optimization techniques so most stores can be up and selling with the theme quickly.

Get started quickly with this Shopify theme

If you’re more of a minimum viable product or bootstrapping type of entrepreneur, Flex also comes with the ability to easily import the design elements, images, content, and settings from any of the demo stores — all 12 of them — and work from there.

This feature, which essentially gives you a store predesigned store layout, is also great for SMB owners and entrepreneurs that aren’t as inclined when it comes to design.

Even if you don’t want such a predefined look for your store, the Flex Shopify theme’s predefined layouts for the header, footer, and other key areas give you the option to mix and match a variety of proven, smart designs and features with your own look.

Efficient advanced Shopify theme customizations

For entrepreneurs willing to invest the time to learn even just the basics of CSS, advanced customization is also easier with Flex.

This is thanks to the ability to give sections and other elements unique CSS class names — and insert custom CSS code into each module.

In many cases, however, you’ll find that Flex already has a setting for the look you’re after — or at least one that gets you close.

By blending in CSS you write yourself, you’ll be able to iterate off of these looks and refine them to be just right — or, if you’re truly a CSS wiz, transform them pixel by pixel.

Trying out new looks

In the ever-changing world of ecommerce, it’s also important for business owners to be able to easily test and implement new features as well as have the flexibility to add special, temporary design elements.

Flex makes it easier to tinker with the finer points of your theme design without editing code and see what works and what doesn’t.

If you find something is working well for your store, it can easily remain in place — or you can further refine off it even more.

Conversely, it’s also easier to switch back to the old look if you find it’s not working out or the change was just temporary.

Deciding on the Flex Shopify theme

For medium-sized businesses with more defined roles or ones that outsource web development work, making the decision to utilize the Flex Shopify theme is a wise move for any owner or manager.

Starting with a strong foundation is important in every business decision you make and having your web designer or development team start with Flex is laying that foundation.

The Flex Shopify theme will give whoever is responsible for your store design, whether it’s in-house or a design or development agency, the ability to efficiently create and customize how your Shopify store looks and works.

The same features — including predefined layout options, a myriad of settings and easy implementation of custom CSS — all make it easier and more efficient for developers to make changes.

You’ll also likely find that requests for mockups or even prototypes are turned around faster when using Flex, especially once Shopify adds its theme testing feature later this year.

In many cases, your developer or designer can quickly use the settings in Flex, combined with some of their own code, to show you a working, fully responsive preview of how the new design or feature will look.

By the way, even if the phrases “custom class names” and “inline CSS” mean nothing to you — whoever does your web design and development work will love hearing them.

All told, the Flex Shopify theme is designed to be an agile and efficient theme to build a store on no matter what size business you are or who’s designing the store — or how big your goals are.

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