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Best Shopify theme for high-ticket dropshipping

Best Shopify theme for high-ticket dropshipping

You’ve probably heard the term ‘dropshipping’ before. This refers to online stores that fulfill orders through the product manufacturer or supplier. Dropshippers take inventory, shipping, and other common challenges out of the equation to dedicate more to advertising and customer service.

‘High-ticket’ often means the products are priced higher than everyday goods. Low-ticket items, in contrast, would be lower-priced items. There is no set dollar range for these categories, but they require different approaches from a marketing perspective.

For example, brands selling low-ticket items would focus on demand generation, thin price margins, and higher-quantity orders. On the other end, high-ticket items would focus on demand acquisition, higher average order value, and deeper price margins.

Finding the right Shopify theme

A Shopify theme is much more than fonts and a color scheme. Themes provide key features for customers to navigate your storefront and interact with products.

For high-ticket dropshipping, you need a theme with breadcrumbs, color swatches, a sticky header, and mega menus.

“If you truly want your website to stand out, you’ll likely need to purchase a premium theme. And the reason is simple, premium themes are often more flexible, they get regularly updated, and the designs are often cleaner and crispier.” - Ecommerce Guide


Breadcrumbs help customers to retrace their steps and access previous pages. Also known as breadcrumb trails or navigation, this sequence of links provides a visual reference for the customer's current location and where they have been before in your storefront.

Breadcrumbs are great for enhancing customer navigation, but that’s not even the main benefit. A store’s search engine ranking is tied directly to breadcrumbs and lack thereof often means less traffic. If your high-ticket items rely on demand acquisition (as opposed to generation), you’ll want to get familiar with all things search engine optimization (SEO).

  • Breadcrumbs in Superstore

  • Breadcrumbs in Empire

  • Breadcrumbs in Turbo

Buy Superstore, Empire, or Turbo to include breadcrumbs for your customers.

Buy Superstore Buy Empire Buy Turbo

Color swatches

A color swatch is an icon or thumbnail image representing variant colors and patterns. This adds more personalization to the customer experience and provides effortless access to variations of your products.

When you have swatches set up, customers can see whether colors are available, which ones are sold out, and select their color without searching through a variant dropdown.

  • Color swatches in Superstore

  • Color swatches in Empire

  • Color swatches in Turbo

Buy Superstore, Empire, or Turbo to add color swatches to your storefront.

Buy Superstore Buy Empire Buy Turbo

Sticky header

Keep some of your key pages close at hand for your customers by adding a sticky header. Customers can scroll down the home page, collection pages, etc. without losing sight of the main header. Quick, effortless access to collections, shipping policies, and the cart page are always available when using a sticky header.

  • Sticky header in Superstore

  • Sticky header in Empire

  • Sticky header in Turbo


Buy Superstore, Empire, or Turbo to add a sticky header to your storefront!

Buy Superstore Buy Empire Buy Turbo

Mega menu

Perhaps the most important component of a great Shopify theme is found in its navigation features. Customers want clear and intuitive menus to guide them toward their purchases.

Don’t bury important pages in long dropdowns. Instead, assemble mega menus to organize and ease customer access to your products. No need to stop there, either! You can enhance mega menus with custom promos, combining media and messaging to highlight special deals, offers, and more.

  • Mega menu in Superstore

  • Mega menu in Empire

  • Mega menu in Turbo

Buy Superstore, Empire, or Turbo to add mega menus to your storefront.

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Tell me more about high-ticket dropshipping

Now that you’ve got your theme picked out for high-ticket dropshipping, we recommend exploring the other aspects and key strategies.

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