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See the latest upgrade to the Mobilia Shopify theme

See the latest upgrade to the Mobilia Shopify theme

Just a few weeks ago, Out of the Sandbox released version 5.2 of the iconic Responsive Shopify theme — and now it’s Mobilia’s turn for an upgrade!

In addition, the Mobilia demo stores (here, here, here and here) now feature fresh new looks, giving you more inspiration and emphasizing just how flexible this Shopify theme is.

We’re excited to announce the release of Mobilia 4.4, which includes an incredible array of new features:

Featured promotions and links

Just like with Responsive 5.2, Mobilia adds the oft-requested ability to include featured promotions on the homepage. Each promo can include a unique image, headline and description plus a link — perfect for spotlighting products, collections, blog posts or other areas of your store.

But Mobilia takes things one step farther, with the addition of featured links as well. Like featured promotions, these areas let you highlight content on your site — but take on a simpler approach of just having a thumbnail image and title. These featured links are displayed in a grid-like style, with the option to show one featured link per row or two per row (with the latter configuration giving it a neat "checkerboard" kind of look).

This is another great opportunity to get users to explore your store more while mixing things up a bit from the look of featured promotions.

Along with these new sections, Mobilia 4.4 also adds the ability to easily arrange the order of each module on the homepage.

Button options

Mobilia 4.4 is also the first update to feature an expanded set of button options. You can now have either square buttons with perfect 90-degree corners or buttons with rounded corners, making the theme even more flexible.

This new feature also makes it easier to match the look of your buttons — which are typically the focal point of getting your customers to convert — to better match the look and feel of your brand.

Rounded corners mimic the look of app icons users are accustomed to seeing on their mobile devices, for example. Some users might more readily recognize rectangles with rounded corners as a clickable button, and they tend to have a “friendlier” vibe.

Squared corners, meanwhile, have a bit of a cleaner, more sophisticated look and, when accompanied with strong call to-action text (such as “add to cart”) are still very easy for users to understand.

Twitter feed

Though perhaps not as noticeable as the slew of other updates to Mobilia, stores with active social media presence or blogs will find this update useful.

On older versions of Mobilia, the built in Twitter feed and list of latest blog posts were tied to each other. Mobilia 4.4 will make it easier to break these into more distinct sections so each module’s unique content can shine. The blog excerpts will now get a row all to themselves and can be configured to show 2, 3, or 4 per row.

The twitter feed still appears half-page, but now it is paired with a content section that can contain just about any content, including text, images, video, etc. One idea for this new content area might be to include some customer testimonials here, for example:

Shopify Reviews app integration

Like Responsive, Mobilia now includes a tight integration with the free Shopify Product Reviews app.

Adding this app lets shoppers leave star ratings and reviews of your products using a simple interface and now it’s easier than ever to add it to your store. With this new full integration, you can complete a few simple setup and activation steps in the theme settings and start collecting reviews right away.

Improved size charts

Mobilia 4.4 gives store owners more flexible size chart options.

Stores using this theme can now utilize an unlimited number of size charts that can be assigned at the product level, as described in the detailed setup instructions here (link).

It’s also worth noting that this feature can also be used to include other unique content at the product level.

Product page thumbnail positioning

As a result of user feedback and requests, Mobilia 4.4 lets you decide the positioning of product thumbnails on product pages. Before, thumbnails would be placed based on the size of your product images, but now you have the ability to define whether they should always be on the right, left or bottom.

Define number of blog articles per page

Mobilia 4.4 adds a setting to control how many blog posts should be shown on each page that visitors see while browsing articles.

You can set this up under Sales Channels > Online Store > Themes > Customize theme > Blog page.

Enhanced email signup form

Store owners can now collect your shoppers’ first and last names with the built-in MailChimp newsletter signup integration with just a few easy settings changes. If enabled, these name fields will appear in both the newsletter popup (if that’s enabled as well) and the newsletter section in the footer.

More updates

In addition to these major updates and enhancements listed above, the Mobilia Shopify theme version 4.4 release includes these additional features:

  • New location for the currency converter dropdown menu on mobile devices for improved access
  • New narrow page template option
  • Minor bug fixes and adjustments
  • Integration of newer versions of jQuery and Flexslider
  • Additional social icons for Houzz and Snapchat

The latest version of Mobilia is available at no extra cost to existing license holders. Full upgrade instructions are here.

If you'd like to start using the Mobilia theme in your store, click here for purchase details.

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