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by Michael P. Hill February 17, 2017

Out of the Sandbox has added a new member to our growing Shopify theme team: Sandy. Sandy is a bit different than our other team members, however — it’s actually a Facebook Messenger chat bot on our new Facebook page that’s here to help point you in the right direction when you’re looking for quick support on Shopify theme issues.

So, what does that all mean? In short, Sandy is actually an automated computer program, powered by actual humans, that can give you fast responses to basic Shopify theme questions.

When you “chat” with Sandy, you’re not actually chatting with a real person — instead the software behind Sandy is analyzing your question for keywords to hopefully point you in the right direction.

Keep in mind that when you’re chatting with Sandy, there is not a real human monitoring the conversation or responding to you, so the results won’t be perfect.

What Sandy is good at...

Sandy is pretty good at basic types of questions:
  • Basic “how to” questions on how to set up and configure your theme
  • Assistance in finding the right resource on our support center
  • Referring you to other resources, as appropriate, to get your question answered

In short, Sandy is meant to help give you immediate answers whenever possible so you can continue with your work. If it can’t do that, she’ll still point you in the direction to where you can email us for help.

What Sandy is not so good at…

On the other hand, Sandy does have its limitations. It’s not intended to replace our support team or answer more advanced or specific questions. Questions that are highly detailed or complex may also stump it.

But, Sandy will evolve

Also keep in mind that Sandy is very much a work in progress — and likely always will be. Right now we’re carefully monitoring every question she gets and are constantly adjusting its “brains” to get better at giving you the answers you need.

We’re paying attention to which questions come up most often and how they’re worded, and we’ll keep adding to Sandy’s repertoire in terms of what it can understand and the detail and relevance of its responses.

Sandy will constantly evolve to get better at answering your questions based on the actual questions we see coming across, so please continue to ask away and help it with its “training”!

Sandy’s not alone

As a final note, it’s important to emphasize again that Sandy is not designed to replace our human support team. We’ll always offer access to our award-winning support team who can answer your theme questions or connect you with more resources.

We know that Sandy isn’t perfect. It won’t be able to answer every question that store owners might have on its own — and that’s OK.

Sandy is just another tool in our support arsenal to help make your Shopify theme experience as awesome as possible and offer a way to give you quick answers to many of your questions 24/7.

'Like' us

Sandy is part of Out of the Sandbox's new Facebook page. Be sure to visit our page and "like" Out of the Sandbox for news, tips, specials and more.

Michael P. Hill
Michael P. Hill

Michael P. Hill is a Shopify, Shopify theme, content marketing, digital marketing and product management expert based in Chicago. Follow him on Twitter at @michaelphill or connect on LinkedIn.

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