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Retina 4.2.1 Shopify theme update adds advanced page layouts, lazy loading and more

Retina 4.2.1 Shopify theme update adds advanced page layouts, lazy loading and more

Coming on the heels of Parallax 3.3, we're excited to announce the release of Retina 4.2.1 that builds upon the already solid foundation of this popular Shopify theme.

Page details template

Retina 4.2.1 adds the page.details template, already a popular feature in Turbo and Parallax and now comes to Retina.

This feature allows you to use the homepage's drag and drop "sections" on an inside page of your choice. Ideal for "about us" pages, this new page includes the ability to use a wide variety of section types in a myriad of layouts.

For some examples of what can be done with the page.details template, check out these demo pages on each of our demo sites:

'Lazysizes' for image

Retina now incorporates the "lazysizes" library to add "lazy loading" of your images. This not only adds animation to images as users scroll down your store's pages, but it can also improve your initial page loading times by only downloading the image files needed for the initial portion of the page that's visible. 

Intelligent images

Also included as part of the "lazysizes" update is the addition of intelligent image loading. This new code will detect what size and resolution device a shopper is using and load the file size needed to deliver the best image quality — but not more.

This means that, for example, users on mobile devices will likely have improved load times because the theme code will automatically download smaller image files that are large enough to deliver crisp images but not the larger sized files used for desktops.

This new feature also takes into account visitors on high resolution or Apple's Retina-compatible devices and delivers an image file optimized for best display quality. 

Banner page

Retina now includes a page.banners template that allows you easily to build a page with multiple full width banners separate your text content — a great way to take advantage of lifestyle photos to tell your story.

More great features

Retina 4.2.1 also adds these new sections and features:

  • New contact form section for the home page
  • Added background color option for Parallax banners
  • Include rich text in your terms and conditions
  • Support for line item properties in the side cart
  • Support for rich text content in footer
  • New mobile logo setting
  • Updated jQuery to v3.2.1

This new version also contains tons of behind-the-scenes code updates, optimizations and bug fixes that will keep your Retina powered store running smoothly. 

How to get it

The fastest way to update to Retina 4.2.1 is to download and install our Shopify Theme Updater App. You can also read complete upgrade instructions here.

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