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Parallax 4.0 adds greater design flexibility and updated styles

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The Parallax Shopify theme, an Out of the Sandbox fan favourite, has been upgraded with some much sought after features and refreshed styles! Here’s what’s new and how you can incorporate these upgrades into your own shop.


all parallax demo shops

Updated theme styles

All four of our Parallax style presets – Vienna, Madrid, Aspen and Los Angeles – have been reimagined with fresh new looks!

  • Vienna has transformed into a speciality grocery store, highlighting its varied products with multiple Featured Collection sections throughout the shop.
  • Madrid is now a brew pub that offers curbside pickup and delivery options.
  • Aspen has remained a shop for camping enthusiasts, but has been given a design overhaul and demonstrates a large inventory store.
  • Los Angeles is still a clothing store, but has been given some modern polish in terms of colors, layout and content.


 parallax effect on mobile

Parallax on mobile

Highly requested and sought after – we’ve implemented a reliable, modern scrolling library which allows the option to enable parallax on mobile. Learn more


detailed list collection

New Featured Collection layout

In addition to the grid format, you can now display your products in a detailed list layout in Featured Collection sections (available on the homepage and page.details template).

The new list layout allows for further design flexibility, including an option to display product descriptions, which can be ideal if your products fall under the food & drink category, as this option is reminiscent of reading a menu. Learn more

  quick shop button

Alternate Quick Shop style

The quick shop feature allows customers to easily and quickly add a product to the cart without having to leave their current page.

With the release of Parallax 4.0, we’ve included a new elegant button option in addition to the icon option. With the button option, a full-width button will display at the bottom of product thumbnail images upon hover. Learn more

Other Parallax updates and improvements

In addition to these new features, we’ve rolled out numerous tweaks and improvements to the Parallax theme:

  • A 'Darken banner image' setting has been added to all page templates with banners for consistency.
  • An 'Inventory threshold' setting has been added that will be put into effect if the 'Show inventory remaining' setting is enabled. This will set a threshold for the inventory to only show the remaining inventory once it reaches a capped amount.
  • Prices for sold out products are now included on products pages beside the 'Sold out' text.
  • Updated settings for cropping banner images on mobile.
  • Banner sections have been updated to allow for vertical/horizontal text positioning as well as setting an image focal point for their images.

How to get Parallax 4.0

If you’ve already purchased Parallax, you can upgrade to the new version by following these instructions. We recommend using the Theme Updater app, as it's the simplest way to ensure that your current store settings and layout remain the same.

To make use of the new and improved style presets, you’ll need to download a fresh copy of the Parallax theme – check out this article for more details.

If you don’t own Parallax but are in the market for a Shopify theme to enhance your brand’s style, you can learn more about the latest version and purchase it here.

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