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One of our classic Shopify themes, Mobilia, graduates to Version 6

One of our classic Shopify themes, Mobilia, graduates to Version 6

One of Out of the Sandbox’s classic Shopify themes has just turned six — version 6 that is.

Mobilia 6.0, which is now available via the theme updater app and Shopify theme store, features a slew of updates.

mobilia demo shops

Updated Shopify theme styles

All four of the Mobilia style presets — Tokyo, Sydney, Milan and Napa — have been updated with fresh new looks.

  • Napa has transformed into an eyeglass store with a light and airy design.
  • Milan now features high end women’s fashion.
  • Sydney has become a charming baby bonnet shop.
  • Tokyo is now a specialty candy store.

mobilia mega menu

Mega Menu

By popular demand, Mobilia now includes the option to enable a Mega Menu with multiple columns, making it easier to create a more engaging way to explore your store. The menu also adapts to mobile devices. 


mobilia FAQ template

FAQ Template

Also by popular demand, Mobilia now includes a frequently asked questions template that lets you group questions by category and add an image at the top of the page.

Other great Mobilia Shopify theme updates

In addition to these updates, we’ve taken a close look at user experience and layout, and rolled out numerous tweaks and improvements, including a revamped product quantity selection design. Version 6.0 of the Mobilia Shopify theme also includes these updates that make it easier to create a great looking store:

  • New and expanded options for navigation buttons
  • Added the option to enable a border around product thumbnails
  • Option to remove borders from social media icons
  • Updates to the newsletter popup window to improve design and UX
  • Tweaks to spacing of contact form
  • Product gallery no longer forces to height of taller images
  • Switch between a “read more” button or standalone text link on blog pages
  • HTML5 video autoloop functionality improvements 

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