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Safeguard your store from downtime with Uptime Monitoring

Safeguard your store from downtime with Uptime Monitoring

Outages can strike unexpectedly, wreaking havoc on your Shopify store's revenue and customer satisfaction—especially if you aren't aware they're happening! But now, there's a solution: Uptime monitoring.

Now available in the Theme Updater & Backups | OOTS app, Uptime monitoring provides 24/7 outage monitoring and instant downtime alerts for your storefront. Combined with theme updates and backups, Uptime monitoring strengthens your store with an affordable and unmatched suite of store management tools.

Outages happen

Last year there were 52 total outages in the Shopify admin, 37 with the checkout, and 28 in the storefront. On average, that’s an outage issue every 4 days!

And that’s just the platform...

Uptime recorded over 500 total outages in popular 3rd-party apps, including Klaviyo, Rebuy, Gorgias, and Recharge.

Those outages were up from the year previous, as well, with a notable 30% increase of overall outages from 2022. It’s safe to say that outages will happen in 2024 and downtime will affect more merchants than ever.

Outages impact your business

Downtime can be a disaster for any Shopify store. Outages are impactful and here’s how:

📉 Lost revenue: If customers can’t purchase your products, your revenue is affected and won’t resume until an outage is addressed.

😩 Customer confidence and retention are shaken: If your customers can’t purchase your products, they won’t. And they may not try again and seek out alternatives.

💸 Ad spend goes to waste: Advertising isn’t cheap and it’s worthless if your customers can’t buy what you’re advertising.

✉️ Marketing campaign conversions decrease: Whether you’re sending out emails, SMS, or other direct promotions, your call-to-actions could become call-to-reactions when the store won’t load or checkout can’t complete.

    Attention to apps

    Store owners know that added apps aren’t for decoration, they’re added for specific and important storefront functions.

    Added apps come with costs and these go to waste if the app stops working. Uptime monitoring watches your 3rd-party apps and lets you know immediately if something goes wrong.

    Uptime monitoring will keep an eye on Klaviyo, Rebuy, Gorgias, Recharge, and many more apps from the Shopify App Store.

    AOV boost upsell plays a critical part in our marketing strategy. When Uptime pinged us that it was having issues, we were able to diagnose what was happening and contact the needed parties to get a quick fix.

    – Britt, Head of Development @ Boomn

    App-based outages take the cake for outage frequency and apps often rely on smaller teams to develop fixes for outage issues. With Uptime monitoring, you can get instant alerts, let their team know, and reduce the time needed to get back on track with your critical apps.

    Complete peace of mind

    Uptime monitoring includes platform, checkout, storefront, and 3rd-party app monitoring, and these features complement the backup and update functionality included in Theme Updater & Backups | OOTS app.

    The Shopify Cart API outage had a huge effect on us. Customers were unable to add any products to their cart and we were unaware of the issue. Uptime was able to catch the cart issue and notify our team so that we could look for a resolution right away.  While Shopify support insisted that the issue was related to our theme, uptime helped us identify that it was indeed a Shopify error. They gave us the confidence to continue to push Shopify's support team until they came to the same conclusion. Having uptime on our site gives us the peace of mind and confidence needed at all hours of the day.

    –Yanal, Founder @ The Peace Collective

    Uptime monitoring + Vault backups: Combine the alert advantages of Uptime monitoring with the backup reliability of Vault backups means outages are solved quickly and efficiently if your team made breaking changes.

    Uptime monitoring + Theme updates: Theme updates maintain compatibility with the platform, so updating can sometimes be the best route to a restored storefront.

    Having all three of these advantages in one app saves you costs and covers your bases for outages when they occur.

    Bundle updater, backups, and monitoring together for a full store management suite and save 10%.

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