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Section by Section: Artisan's unique take on the 'Images with text' section

Section by Section: Artisan's unique take on the 'Images with text' section

The images with text section is a classic Shopify theme section — but Out of the Sandbox's newest Shopify theme, Artisan, adds a unique twist that gives you an eye-catching layout.

In Artisan, the images with text section features the following options:

  • Chose between zero, one or two images
  • Flip whether the image or images are placed to the right or left of the section
  • Pick which of the two images is placed "in front"
  • Define your own custom heading text
  • Enter additional paragraph text below this
  • Add a link and select a destination
  • The option to have a thin border around the heading, text and links
  • Pick from Artisan's shapes feature for a dynamically generated background

In Artisan, the elements that make up this section "overlap" each other slightly — making it clear that the elements relate to each other and are designed to form a single, cohesive section.

The section in action

Like all Shopify sections, the settings under Artisan's text with images section can be combined to create an almost limitless number of looks.

Editorial features

The most straightforward use for the text with images section is to create an editorial style feature on your homepage to introduce yourself and tell your story or showcase other important content.

In this example, taken from the Phoenix demo store, one of the images is an isolated object saved as a PNG with transparent background. The slight overlay gives this a unique, eye-catching look.


Barcelona's demo store uses the same approach — but places the image group on the left instead.


Meanwhile, the Victoria Shopify theme demo store sticks with rectangular images for both images — as well as the border option around the text, to create a modular but fun layout.

Other uses

In addition to editorial style features, the image with text section in Artisan has a myriad of other uses:

  • Showcase a particular collection, product or service: Though you'll need to manually link to the collection, product or service page, this section can create a standout and different way to feature items from your store.
  • Spotlight a blog post: Here again, you'll need to set up a manual link and select your image and excerpt text manually, but this approach is a great way to draw attention to a particular article.
  • Display "about us" content: Give your visitors a quick overview of what your company is all about. You can optionally link to a more detailed "about" page for more information.
  • Emphasize features: Call out specific features or advantages of your products and services.
  • Insert trust badges: This section can also be a unique way to spotlight trust badges. Although you're, by definition, limited to two badges in total, this can be a great way to spotlight the most important ones you have. Use the text area to give more details about your commitment to security and quality. 
  • Promote a sale or special: Consider temporarily adding this section for an alternate way to build promotional blocks on your homepage. Use the text area to link to a collection, product or list a discount code. 

Getting creative

This section also gives you a license to be creative with your design — and you can combine one or more of these tips to create even more looks:

  • As shown in the examples above, experiment with mixing isolated, square or rectangular images, including ones with transparent backgrounds. 
  • If you're after a more traditional look, simply use one image and a block of text to one side.
  • Create a "checkerboard" style layout by placing two or more of these sections, one after another, and alternate the placement of the image or images.
  • Likewise, emphasize a series of features, products or other items, one after another, but always keep the image on the same side to create a highly scannable look that encourages users to keep scrolling. 
  • The section can also be used without any images for a simple, text-only section inside a box, if the border is used.
  • Similarly, pick one or two eye-catching images and use just the heading text, paragraph text or link for a simple call to action style section (Note that, for best results, you should have at least one text element active). 
  • Don't limit yourself to just photos: The section can also support bold icons or colorful shape images you create yourself, for even more unique looks.

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