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Flex vs Superstore vs Turbo- Which is Right For You?

Flex vs Superstore vs Turbo- Which is Right For You?

Sifting through the collections of Shopify themes can be exhausting, especially because modern themes have a lot of overlap. Trying to figure out which theme has the features you need, while not paying for ones you don’t, can be a longer process than it should be. As someone who has been through the theme selection process myself, I experienced how overwhelming and intimidating it can be. In this article, I’m going to walk you through Flex, Superstore, and Turbo. I’ll provide a comprehensive list of the features and benefits of each theme, along with the best use cases for anyone wondering which theme is best for them.


Let’s start with Flex

Flex is the most versatile theme as the name suggests, and offers deep levels of customization. Flex can be one of the best themes, depending on your level of experience in the Shopify space, willingness to learn, and persistence to create the best possible store. It has a huge potential ceiling, with an abundance of customizations and features.

Unique features of Flex

  • Custom CSS in the theme editor - If you’re experienced in using CSS you can fine-tune your design to match exactly how you’d like everything to look. I’d only suggest this to store owners that know what they’re doing, but the results can be fantastic. 
  • Up to 10 mega menus with 6 columns each and drop-down menus for full control of your store’s navigation.
  • Four unique header and footer layout options: Classic, Centered, Search Focus, and Vertical headers.
  • Three product page layout options: Classic, Image Scrolling, or Sections.

Who is Flex built for?

Flex is a very powerful theme capable of moulding into different types of stores because users are encouraged to take full control of their theme and make a truly unique store experience.  If you’re a user or a developer that loves to dabble in the settings and make micro-adjustments, you’ll love Flex.


Now see Superstore shine

Superstore  was designed with wholesalers and high-volume stores in mind. It is the only premium Shopify theme to have the Wholesale App seamlessly integrated, for wholesale pricing functionality at the click of a button. Superstore helps store owners manage and market multiple products with their features and functionality.

Unique features of Superstore

  • Wholesale app integration.
  • Quick product discovery with predictive search.
  • Extra features to support performance such as Turbo Links, Lazy Loading, and Minified JavaScript:
    • Turbo links keeps the current page JavaScript and CSS and replaces the header and body for improved loading times.
    • Lazy Loading loads only the assets visible in the viewport, rendering the rest as they become visible, enhancing page loading.
    • Minified JavaScript improves performance by reducing the size of your website more efficiently
  • Built-in promotion section in the cart and product pages.

Who is Superstore built for?

You’ll see Superstone shine when it’s loaded with products; you need stability and optimization for a smooth customer experience. When it comes to large volume or wholesale stores, the Superstore theme is in a class of its own. If you need a theme that can support a large number of products while not missing out on design and functionality, Superstore is perfect for you.


Time for Turbo

Turbo is arguably one of the best premium Shopify themes available and has been for quite some time. Packed with features, blazing fast, reliable, and plenty of design options, Turbo is engineered for the power user. If you need your store to outperform everyone else, without sacrificing style or design, I’d recommend Turbo. 

Unique features of Turbo

  • Ludicrous and Sport “modes” for faster loading times and better overall performance.
  • Lazy loading improves page loading times by only preparing the images users can see.
  • Smart page preloading for faster navigation.
  • Predictive search for faster product discovery.
  • Infinite scrolling.
  • A secondary header menu for your contact, about us, or other pages.

Who is Turbo built for?

Turbo is meant for the early adopters, the power users, the industry professionals, and the tech enthusiasts. Turbo is meant to be mastered, offering you unlimited creative potential. If you want the cream of the crop, no holdbacks, every great feature, and lots of apps, packed into a theme - you want Turbo. 


Flex, Superstore, and Turbo are all great themes but vary greatly in how they should be used and by who. If flexibility and versatility are your concern, Flex is perfect. If you sell lots of products, you need Superstore. If you’re a power user and you need the best, Turbo is meant for you. If you’re looking for the best, you need an Out of the Sandbox Shopify theme.

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