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Out of the Sandbox rolls out updates to entire portfolio of Shopify themes

Out of the Sandbox rolls out updates to entire portfolio of Shopify themes

Amid the flurry of Black Friday and Cyber Monday hubbub, Out of the Sandbox still managed to serve up a round of new versions of every Shopify theme in its collection that include key updates that continue to spotlight our commitment to provide ongoing value to customers.

Mobilia and Responsive

Mobilia and Responsive have seem some significant updates.

Most notably, these new versions add support for the page.details template. This popular template, which are already included in Parallax, Turbo and Retina, allows store owners to use Shopify sections on an inside page (or, with a bit of custom code, more than one inside page).

This change, which was made by popular request, is notable because it brings more advanced page layouts using Shopify theme sections to the entire Out of the Sandbox theme collection, including themes at lower price points. 

This lets store owners use the familiar drag-and-drop layout tools already available on the homepage elsewhere on Shopify stores — a feature that's perfect for "about us" pages.

In addition, Mobilia and Responsive have also been updated with these changes:

  • Support for non-square Instagram videos
  • Embedded videos are now automatically responsive without requiring them to be wrapped in a special container
  • New option for setting an inventory limit on product form
  • Enhanced code for responsive images, specifically in the product gallery and product thumbnails


Turbo 2.2.1 has also been updated to incorporate some important updates into our most powerful theme:

  • Improvements to slideshow code
  • Updates to the image gallery section type to better support masonry style layouts
  • Redesigned mobile contact form to relocate text and subheading above the form fields
  • Ability to output the featured collection description on the home page
  • New contact page option to display an interactive map
  • Design changes to "Continue as Guest" button
  • Bug fix for closing the mobile menu
  • Bug fix for square Instagram videos


The Retina Shopify theme has been updated as well:

  • A fix that allows slideshows to work without JavaScript
  • Updated code for handling responsive images
  • A new setting for button text and color for the "Edit cart" link
  • New option to change the location of the logo on mobile devices


The Parallax Shopify theme has been updated with some minor bug fixes, including:

  • Refined code to support responsive image sizes on the product gallery and product thumbnails
  • Addition of a new setting to set inventory limits on product page form
  • Bug fixes for featured video and image with text sections in mobile layouts
  • Updated code to support collection featured images and slideshow images when JavaScript is disabled

Get the updates

Updating your Shopify theme is best done using our Shopify Theme Updater App, which provides an easy way to update your theme, including the ability to carry over custom code if you're upgrading from Parallax 3.0+, Retina 4.0+, Mobilia 5.0+, Responsive 6.0+ or Turbo 2.0+.

If you're using an older version of any of our themes, the app can still help you, but you'll need to carry over some settings and rebuild your homepage.

The upgraded version of the app also now supports an advanced "diff checker" feature for merchants with more complex code customizations.

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