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Backup and restore Shopify store data

Backup and restore Shopify store data

As a Shopify store owner, you know how crucial your store data is. Whether it's product listings, customer information, or order records, any loss or error can have significant repercussions.

That’s why it’s essential to have a reliable backup and restoration system like Vault Backups.

Available in Theme Updater & Backups, Vault Backups is the most affordable, reliable, and automated system to safeguard your store’s data and restore content in seconds.

Backup your products

Making large-scale changes to your store can be daunting. With Product Backups, you can execute batch updates with confidence, knowing you can automatically correct errors and eliminate manual work. If a mistake happens, simply restore to a previous state at any time.

Mistakes, shmistakes

For growing teams, even the best training can’t prevent occasional errors by new staff members. Product Backups make it easy to reset and eliminate downtime, keeping your store running smoothly.

Take the tension out of teamwork and reduce risks while expanding your brand. Product Backups allow you to make significant changes without the fear of irreversible mistakes.

Optimized for every outcome

Errors are inevitable, but with Product Backups, you can go back in time and correct any mistake. This feature encourages experimentation with new extensions, apps, themes, SEO strategies, and more, optimizing all outcomes and making the best of any worst-case scenario.

Backup your theme

Adding new functionality like apps or themes can sometimes cause unintended issues. With Theme Backups, you can revert to a previous theme if anything breaks. This is especially useful when working with freelancers who may not be familiar with your store’s intricacies. Your store will never be down for long.

Reset without starting from scratch

Expand your store with custom help while keeping a control center for your data. Theme Backups unlock more checkpoints, allowing you to revisit and make better changes.

Backup your collections

Catalogs that took hundreds of hours to build can lose data with a keystroke. Collection Backups ensure you can make improvements with confidence, knowing any mistake can be corrected. Essential data like titles, descriptions, images, and search engine listings are stored securely, eliminating the need for offline tracking or manual restoration.

With reliable backups, server outages, hackers, and human error are no threat. Collection Backups is your savior on standby, providing peace of mind by securing your critical data automatically.

Record activity

The Activity Feed automatically logs all noteworthy changes and actions in your store. You’ll know immediately when actions fail, allowing you to address problems promptly.

When managing a team, the Activity Feed provides a holistic view of the day’s work, making it easy to identify where something may have gone wrong.

Backup your customers

Bulk changes can lead to bulk errors. Customer Backups ensure you always have a point-in-time backup list, generated in seconds. Easily store your customer list in CSV format, backed up daily, to avoid loss from any data mishaps or outages.

Migrating data to another system? Use Vault Backups to generate your customer list for import.

Backup your orders

Order Backups automatically export a full list of your store’s purchase and refund records. This feature is invaluable in case of data deletions or when you need a list quickly. Compare raw store sales records with accounting or inventory records for fast reconciliation.

Backup your Shopify store with Vault Backups

Install Theme Updater & Backups and try Vault Backups to protect your store’s data, ensure seamless operations, and focus on growing your business without the constant worry of data loss.

Make the smart choice today and disaster-proof your Shopify store today!

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