Fuel your creativity with dozens of new shapes included in Artisan 1.1.0

Fuel your creativity with dozens of new shapes included in Artisan 1.1.0

In addition to a slew of must-have new features such as quick shop and custom page templates, version 1.1.0 of the Artisan Shopify theme greatly expands on one of its original key features — shapes.

These icon-like shapes, which can be used as background elements in numerous sections, have quickly become a popular way for Shopify store owners to create visual interest in their shop without having to create their own graphics.

The shapes also use cutting edge Scalable Vector Graphics, or SVG, technology, meaning they always look sharp and have minimal effect on page load times, despite their big impact.

All of the same features still exist — you can still change the number of shapes, the type of shape, their size, color and transparency; you can also opt for different shape configurations for each section. What this new update adds then is even more flexibility for some of these options., so,

Bigger size range

The first update we’ve made to shapes is that you can now make them much bigger.

Shopify theme SVG shape size

This is a great way to draw attention to content even more — and break up whitespace with these dynamic images.

New shape types

Shopify with custom shapes

The second new feature is even more exciting — there are now more than 100 shape options to choose from at no additional cost.

The shapes we’ve added range from animals and nature, to food and drink, to geometric shapes, including all the original shape options. You’ll also find an eclectic variety of objects plus a selection of seasonal shapes to help get your shop ready for upcoming holidays.

Need a pineapple? No problem. A cute cat? We got one. You can also have a little fun with mustaches, donuts and lips.

Shopify theme Halloween design elements

And, with Halloween quickly approaching, don’t miss our aforementioned cat (which looks great in black, despite any superstitions), ghosts, bats, skulls and pumpkins. Or, go creepy crawly with spiders and webs.

You can use each section’s settings to “paint” your pumpkins traditional orange — or get creative and try an unexpected color or shade from your brand color palette to create a cohesive but festive look.

Also experiment with the number of shapes — just a smattering of shapes can create an elegant, simple look, but a higher number of shapes can look just as good.

Also try changing the size of the shapes to see what looks best — and this technique can be combined with the number to create numerous unique looks. Try a small size with a high number for a subtle pattern effect for example, or a large size and small number for a stronger graphical impact.

Shopify shape settings

The final option, transparency, can be used to make your shapes bold and opaque — or more subtle and ‘barely there’, whichever you prefer. Just keep in mind that the more transparent you make the shapes, the “lighter” the shade will be — so oranges may become peach-y, deep blues more baby blue, etc.

Suggest a shape!

But — wait — there’s more.

The new shapes library is just the beginning. We’re opening up the floor to hear what kinds of shapes you want to see — and will also provide updates throughout the year across the categories as well as the seasons go by.

So check out the new expanded Artisan shapes library today, and let us know which ones you’d like to see added next!

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