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Stretch your creative muscles with our latest Shopify theme release: Artisan 1.1.0

Stretch your creative muscles with our latest Shopify theme release: Artisan 1.1.0

Out of the Sandbox’s newest Shopify theme, Artisan, is out with its first major update — and it’s full of great new features and enhancements to make it even more flexible and innovative.

Shopify theme quick shop overlay

  • An elegantly implemented quick shop feature allows customers to instantly buy or add products to their cart directly from the collection page.
  • Our popular page.details and product.details page templates are now available in Artisan to help you create advanced page layouts with the drag and drop sections editor (plus, with some custom code, you can build more than one unique page layout or product page layout).

Shopify theme currency converter

  • The theme now includes the currency converter feature found in other Out of the Sandbox themes (keep in mind, this only lets customers see prices in their native currency — once checkout begins, prices will revert back to your store’s default currency).

Shopify theme related products

  • We’ve added the related products feature from our other Shopify themes, so that you can display a row of related items on a product page.
  • You can also decide on the order of product reviews and related products on product pages, thanks to new movable content blocks.
  • An improved collections page layout when not using the masonry layout option.

How to get Artisan 1.1

If you’re already using Artisan and your theme is registered, get started updating using the Shopify Theme Updater App. If you don’t have the app installed, here’s where to get it.

If you’re not using Artisan yet, it’s time to give it a whirl! It’s a highly customizable theme with clean styling and unique features designed to give your shop a truly professional touch. In addition to the new features above, the theme also includes a custom contact form, product tables, FAQ page, filterable gallery, image banner shape overlays, collection page featured product, and more!

Try Artisan in your shop today and purchase it from the Shopify Theme Store.

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