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Accelerate store speed with Turbo

Accelerate store speed with Turbo

Turbo version 9.2.0 offers up to a 20% increase in page speed.

Page speed influences your brand’s reach, acquisition, conversion, retention, and loyalty.

In a world moving faster and faster, your store has to keep up. Slow storefronts may survive but rarely thrive as their competitors speed past. That’s why Turbo’s new upgrade focused on page speed and performance, offering a suite of powerful enhancements. Version 9.2.0 introduces minified scripts, preloaded links, updated jQuery, and more.

Minified scripts

Turbo now reduces page load delays by minifying scripts. Essentially, this process removes the spaces, comments, and other non-essential characters found in scripts. This streamlines their performance and minimizes the time it takes to load their functionality.

Preloaded links

Always stay a step ahead of your customers with Turbo’s new capabilities for page preloading. Links on a page begin loading before they’re clicked so customers navigating your storefront will delight in a smooth and speedy experience.

Updated jQuery

Turbo extends its capabilities using jQuery, a lightweight and robust script library. This powerful component saw a substantial upgrade in Turbo’s latest version and delivers a package of new speed-enhancing features.

20% increase in speed

We tested Turbo’s new version using an optimized environment to account for catalogs of all sizes and details. We’re thrilled to report a 20% increase in overall performance and an average 13-point increase in page speed score.

Why is page speed important?

Enhancing your store’s performance unlocks benefits for reach, acquisition, conversion, retention, and loyalty. Score higher with page speed to increase your store's traffic, reduce customer effort and time, and convert new visitors into loyal (and lucrative) customers.

More customers find your store

Google ranks slow stores lower than their speedy competitors, placing them on page 2, page 3, and beyond. Power up your performance and put your store on page one, then watch more traffic come to your store.

Discoverability doesn’t stop after search results, mind you. Page speed makes the first impression for your store. And a customer might lose patience and click back to Google if a home page takes too long to load!

Minimal effort means smooth shopping

Once they visit your store, keeping customers at ease and confident while browsing becomes the next priority for performance. Slow-loading pages for products, collections, etc. may be tolerated at first but soon reveal a pattern to even the most patient customers. Speed up your page load time and keep customers engaged, interested, and interacting with your catalog.

More visitors also increases pressure on performance. Stores with optimized performance won’t buckle during traffic surges. Increased traffic levels for big sales, promotions, or holiday seasons often overwhelm a store with poor page speed and performance.

Even the biggest brands have crashed from traffic surges. Amazon, Coinbase, and Chipotle have surpassed their performance capabilities and suffered the consequences!

Every year, more and more shoppers prefer using mobile devices to find and buy products online. Stores may be optimized for desktop devices but lack when it comes to mobile performance. Enhance and measure your store’s performance with both desktop and mobile devices in mind.

More customers making conversions

The line between the cart and checkout is what separates visitors from customers, so it is a critical stage to optimize. Any customer can abandon their cart if they lose trust in the store’s functionality and poor performance is often the culprit. Long loading times make customer hesitant to share their shipping and payment information.

Optimized performance leads to higher customer satisfaction, promoting customer loyalty and encouraging repeat purchases. It’s clear: Customers appreciate a smooth buying experience and enhancing your page speed means they’re more likely to bookmark your brand.

Upgrade your store speed with Turbo v9.2.0

Instead of testing your customer’s patience, test your store with Turbo v9.2.0!

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