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46+ exciting features: A Turbo Shopify theme feature overview

46+ exciting features: A Turbo Shopify theme feature overview

Turbo, the newest member of the Out of the Sandbox Shopify theme family, is packed with features that have either never been seen in our themes before, or which have been enhanced significantly.

The biggest and most impressive feature is less about form and more about functionality: Turbo is all about performance, and just kills it in the speed and flexibility department (if we do say so ourselves).

The Out of the Sandbox development team has worked for thousands of combined hours to optimize HTML, CSS and JavaScript code as much as possible, making the theme blazingly fast.

In addition to the flexibility of having access to all of the features below, Turbo is also a great choice for stores with large product lines and inventories. Turbo’s blazingly fast collection pages have been rewritten from the ground up with newly added “load more” and infinite scrolling options making browsing even easier — even when you have hundreds or even thousands of items per collection.

Other key features help make this new premium Shopify theme even more nimble — lazy loading of images and slick page transition effects all round out this incredible new theme.

Turbo also gives store owners access to a myriad of settings and features — the most we’ve ever offered in a single theme — opening the door to unprecedented control over the theme without changing a line of code.

Quite simply, Turbo is the fastest and most extensive theme we’ve ever created.

  1. Engineered for speed: Select “Ludicrous” or “Sport” — both are darn fast. “Sport” is the ideal solution for stores that have specialized requirements for third party apps or customizations while still needing turbo-level speed.
  2. Preload pages: When a shopper hovers over a link, indicating he or she will visit the page, the theme starts loading that page in the background, so when the user does click, most or all of the loading is already done and — presto! The content appears on screen.
  3. Lazy loading images: Cut down page loading times by only loading the images that users can see in the ‘viewport’ or browser window.
  4. Advanced image loading techniques: Turbo picks the best image size for the device the user is on — so smaller image files will be used for mobile devices — saving on-the-go shoppers time (and their data plans!).
  5. Image loading effects: Shopify’s servers already do a great job loading even huge image sizes fast, but Turbo uses a technique that lets users preview a soft focus version of the image as it loads (more on optimal Turbo image sizes here).
  6. Chose your logo position: Centered or left side? Your pick.
  7. Alternate mobile logo: Need a logo that works better on small screens? We’ve got you covered.
  8. Mega menus: Build more sophisticated navigation menus with multi-columns and dropdowns.
  9. Phone number in header: Build trust and make it easy for users to call by placing your business phone number on every page.
  10. Secondary menu: Add a second menu to your header — perfect for “about us” or customer service links.
  11. Cart icon: Bag or buggy icon? It’s your choice.
  12. Mini cart: Shoppers can get an at-a-glance look at their shopping cart (or bag) in a dropdown-style panel.
  13. Pretext, headline and subheadline in homepage banners: More places to get your message across.
  14. Dual call to action buttons in homepage banners: Link visitors to two pages from your homepage banners — plus you can highlight one to draw more attention to it.
  15. Grid or slider style featured collection: Show more of your great products in a space saving slider or ‘carousel’ row layout or stick with a more traditional grid.
  16. Featured promotions with animation: Show a headline over an image and watch an additional line of text and a button appear on hover.
  17. Slideshow placement: Position a slideshow wherever you’d like on the homepage — either at the top of the page or in between other content. Plus, each one can have pretext, a headline, subheadline and up to two calls to action.
  18. Full width video section on homepage: Showcase a video with a custom preview image, pretext, headline and subheadline along with a play button to get things rolling.
  19. Logo in the footer: Keep your branding prominent even once users reach the bottom of your page.
  20. Expanded footer options: Include up to three menus plus custom content in your footer for maximum navigational ease and SEO.
  21. Redesigned newsletter module: Add an eye-catching background image behind your email newsletter signup form above the footer. Plus, easily change the alignment of the form inside the banner.
  22. Thumbnail positioning: Control the position of gallery thumbnails on the product page.
  23. Product gallery controls: Show left and right arrows so users can easily scroll between images — or disable them for a cleaner look.
  24. Related products slider: Display your related products in a horizontally scrolling slider.
  25. Load more option: In addition to traditional page number links on collection pages, you can opt to let users click “load more” to see more products without reloading the page.
  26. Infinite scrolling: Use this option to automatically load more products as the user scrolls down the page, making it easy to browse even a huge number of products.
  27. Blog header options: Include a custom banner background image, headline and subheadline across all your blog pages.
  28. Grid-style blog options: Chose the number of blog posts per row.
  29. Contact page banner: Add a custom banner image to the contact page plus a headline and subheadline.
  30. Newsletter popup options: Easily add a custom image, text and button to the popup to use it as a promotional tool, encouraging newsletter signups with this custom content.
  31. Quantity adjustment buttons: Easy to see (and tap) plus and minus buttons so customers can easily increase or decrease quantities either on the product page or in the cart.
  32. Enhanced quick view: With a mind to improved speed, content of quick view windows is loaded dynamically only when the user requests it — great for stores with high product counts or multiple images per product.

All these features are in addition to the great features that already come with Out of the Sandbox themes:

  1. Fully responsive design that looks great on every device — whether it’s desktop, tablet or mobile phone.
  2. Flexible homepage layout control.
  3. Built in currency converter, newsletter signup forms, notification forms for out of stock products and a popup box for promotions of gathering email addresses.
  4. Color and pattern swatches, including the ability to show patterns and textures.
  5. A fixed “sticky” header for easier navigation.
  6. Built-in SEO supports Google Rich Snippets and Facebook Open Graph tags.
  7. Option to let users hover over images to zoom in for more detail.
  8. Support for high resolution displays (with lazy loading feature to make loading large file sizes less clunky).
  9. Sell products directly from the homepage with an AJAX-powered shopping cart option.
  10. Tabbed product descriptions.
  11. Quick view product menus optimized for page speed.
  12. “Sale,” “New” and “Pre-Order” banners for products.
  13. Free upgrades and legendary support, plus referrals to the best customization services in the business.

To get started with the new Turbo Shopify theme, click here to find out more. Turbo is available exclusively via the Out of the Sandbox website and comes with a 14 day guarantee. For more detailed information about Turbo's features, be sure to visit our support site.

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