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Theme Tweak

A theme tweak is any single, Shopify-related task that is doable within 30 minutes, by the expert team at Out of the Sandbox.

Want to change up your theme but not comfortable working with the code? Order a tweak and we'll pop into your shop and do it for you!

Some examples of Theme Tweaks:

  • Add an extra "featured link" on your shop's home page
  • Install and configure a custom font
  • Change the styling of a page element like the promo banner
  • Change the default action for a button
  • Re-order the sections on the home page
  • Make a change as detailed in one of our guides in the Support Centre, such as implementing a full-width Instagram feed
  • More details on what's considered a tweak are discussed in this blog post

The OOTS experts provide fast and friendly theme tweak services to hundreds of Shopify merchants every week!

How does it work?

After buying a tweak, you'll receive an email that confirms the details and requests a staff account (to give us temporary access to your shop). We'll also let you know if your request goes beyond the theme tweak scope or, if applicable, break it up into multiple requests. If for some reason we can’t complete the job, we’ll advise you promptly and give you a full refund. We will endeavor to complete a theme tweak request within 1-2 business days.

If you still aren’t sure if what you want to achieve is covered by this service, please contact us at the Support Center email address with the details and we’ll be happy to assess it for you beforehand! Theme tweaks are also covered by our terms and conditions.

*We will assess your tweak as described and provide you with a new quote if your tweak exceeds the standard scope for this service.

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