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Meet the OOTS Team

Out of the Sandbox is an award-winning team that has developed the most popular and best-reviewed themes available for Shopify. We work hard but have a lot of fun in the process... we live on Slack and cheer each other on with tacos.

And we're hiring!
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Ecommerce designer & developer, husband, father, coffee drinker.


Brad Miller

HR Manager

HR enthusiast, wife, mother. Passion for music and dance.


Shendle Smith

Project Manager

A/V Nerd, Musician,♥s to troubleshoot!

Sean P.H. Campbell

Technical Director

Love JavaScript and horses. Trying to keep it country in the city.


Anne Thomas

Design Director

Lifelong creator, bibliophile + yarn hoarder.


Sharon Austin

Merchant Success Lead

The majority of my days are spent with cats, code, and troubleshooting.


Ashley Franklin

Marketing Director

Creative thinker with a knack for problem solving. ♥ supporting locally owned business.


Laura Brisson

Theme Developer

Front-end developer and space enthusiast. I create things.


Matt Marineau

Theme Developer

Front-End Developer. Powered by potatoes, horror films, and code.


Erin Carrieres

Theme Developer

Problem solver, Raptors fan, I tell Dad jokes and am a personal finance enthusiast.


Justin Bansal

Product Designer

Designer & developer, tabletop gamer, culinarian.


Charlie Quinn

Content Marketing + Support Guru

Probably only Asian who can’t cook rice — instead, I cook up creative solutions and words.


Michael Hill

QA Lead + Support Guru

I'm always reading and debugging code, and I'm probably cold.

Jamie Lutz

Support Guru + QA

Problem solver, morning jogger, tech-savvy, motivated thinker and reader.


Salman Akram

Support Guru

Problem solver, sunset enthusiast, adventurer.

Magdalena Annese

Content Manager

Clothes horse and wine enthusiast. I love helping people and rock n’ roll.

Andrea Dubecki

Support Guru + QA

Front-End Developer and problem solver. Also a health food enthusiast and cat cuddler.


Kari Fairweather

Support Guru + Content Crew

Front-End Developer and lover of good design. Health and exercise enthusiast who enjoys helping others.


Courtney Labog

Theme Developer

Front End Developer, who’s also a basketball fanatic, hiking enthusiast, and corgi afficionado.


Nick Evans

Support Guru + QA

Front end developer who enjoys a little wood working on the side.


Luke Van Bakel

Support Guru

Lover of The Simpsons, superheroes and Jazz. Leafs fan who wears it on his sleeve. 

Brent Carabott

Theme Developer / Support Guru

Front End Developer, currently raising a puppy. Catch me in a thunderstorm.


Scott Marshall

Support Guru

Junior developer, junior wood tinkerer + hobbyist, junior mints.

Andrew Lindstrom