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Background screenshot of Out of the Sandbox's app homepage, Theme Updater Plus, showing theme update available and backups feature, Vault backups, active. In front, screenshot of a loading bar updating and copying over customizations of a Shopify theme. Theme Updater Plus logo, two arrows in a circle point at each other, overtop both screenshots.

Update & backup your Shopify theme

Set up your new theme version faster & easier, by carrying over settings like colors, fonts, sections, and custom code changes.

Trusted by over 30,000 merchants

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"I've been finding the Theme Updater App extremely handy for theme updates, and recently, I decided to try out the Vault feature as well. Strongly recommend this app for its functionality and stellar customer service."

"It's never easy to update a Shopify theme, especially one that's been modified but the Theme Updater app makes it pretty painless and straightforward. If you use OOTS themes it's well worth the extra."

"I would 100% recommend this App to everyone. The lightning fast tech support feature for any Pixel Union Themes (Empire) pays for itself. And being able to back up your entire store "just in case" is an incredible feature as well. 10/10 App."

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Frequently asked questions

Does this app allow me to update my Shopify theme without losing my customizations and content?

Yes! Our app is the only way to update your Shopify theme without losing all the code customizations and custom content you worked so hard to create. Our one-click automated updates will attempt to carry over all of your customizations to the updated theme version.

In some cases there may be items, like code customizations, that can't be transferred automatically – the app will surface these to you so they can be transferred over manually.

Why is it important to keep my premium Shopify theme updated to the latest version?

Keep your theme updated to the latest version means you’ll get access to the latest theme features, design enhancements, and bug fixes.

The Theme Updater app makes it easy to keep your theme up-to-date with one-click automated updates.

Should I backup my Shopify theme before updating it to a new version?

Yes! Shopify does not backup any of your store data, so it’s important to maintain a copy of your themes, and other store data, in case your store has data loss.

The Theme Updater & Backups app has a simple and easy-to-use backup feature that will backup your themes, and other critical store data automatically. Ensuring you have peace of mind knowing your store is protected from data loss.

Will the app notify when a theme update is available?

Yes! The app will send you an email whenever a new updated version of your theme is available.

How often are Shopify themes updated?

Shopify released 6 updates last year for Shawn. The average Premium Shopify theme will release upwards of 10 releases per year.

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