Artisan: Unique Features

Product tables

Highlight key features, side by side. Bring focus to the products or services you want to promote, or choose some that benefit from direct comparison, such as tiered services or product bundles.

Custom forms

Gather pertinent info from your customers. Customize your shop's contact form to meet your specific business needs. Includes drop-downs, checkboxes, radio buttons, date pickers, text boxes and more!

Filtered Gallery

Create a portfolio page or "lookbook". Showcase your work, or inspire shoppers with images that reflect your brand style. Category tabs make it easy for shoppers to filter gallery content while viewing.

Banner Overlays

Create sophisticated image banners. Give slideshows and banners a unique flair, with semi-transparent image overlays. Easily create a myriad of looks by varying the type, position and colors.

Featured product

Draw attention to a particular product to promote it. Bring visual focus to a specific product or service on any collection page. Promote the same product site-wide or choose a different one per collection.

Thumbnail slider

Reduce visual clutter on product pages. Variant image thumbnails can eat up a lot of screen real estate! Now you can display them in a slider format instead, to keep product pages neat and tidy.

Custom shapes

Get creative! Reinforce your brand’s vibe and aesthetic with parallax-scrolling background shapes. Vary the type, size, number and color to achieve many different looks, from super subtle to bold and bright.